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Zika virus

Zika pregnant women infected with at least 9 in US: CDC

#Cosmoread: Zika virus infection in the US, nine pregnant women now that they travel to places where the virus is spread through


the contract is confirmed. Different from those cases, the researchers confirmed that the six men to women in the US who have recently traveled to places where the virus was active with have contracted the virus through sexual contact.

Zika virus nine cases in pregnant women, three children, two of which showed no signs of illness and severe microcephaly had been born with, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to. Two other women had miscarriages, and two others decided to terminate their pregnancies; At least one end of pregnancy, there were early signs of abnormalities in the fetus, Dr. Denise Jamieson, a CDC researcher and author of the new report.

Two women are to continue their pregnancies, and no indication of problems with the fetus until now, there has been. Also, pregnant women who might possibly Zika virus infection was reported more than 10 cases are being investigated.

In recent weeks, the CDC, men who travel to such areas to use a condom or abstain from sex, especially if their partner is pregnant Zika to postpone travel to affected areas are advised pregnant women , And. The new information that underscores the importance of following the advice, said CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden.

“The bottom line has not changed,” Frieden told a press conference. “This virus is the most serious threat to pregnant women,” he said.

The researchers said Zika virus infection during early pregnancy, when brain development is faster, possibly more closely than infection later in pregnancy can be linked with brain development problems. However, about how much remains to be learned Zika infections affect pregnancy.

The new report said that travel through nine pregnant Zika confirmed to have been infected women, six were infected during pregnancy first quarter. Both of these abortions, in terms of both termination and infant with microcephaly, pregnancies that are still involved with one, the report said.

Pregnant women in their second trimester of pregnancy during the two Zika had symptoms of infection, and one of these women, while others continue to pregnancy, gave birth to an apparently healthy infant. During their third trimester of pregnancy, a pregnant woman, a healthy baby delivered Zika reported symptoms, the report said.

Only one in five people who become infected with Zika virus shows symptoms of infection, the CDC said. The CDC recommends that pregnant women who travel to affected areas after Zika they can be back-tested, even if they have no symptoms.

In recent weeks, there are places where the cases of Zika virus was first reported in the number is growing rapidly, and there Zika travel to the affected areas and the increase in cases of infection with the return of people in the US has gone. Both of these increases were expected, Frieden said.

But the CDC jump in the number of cases related to sexual transmission of the virus did not anticipate, he said. The agency this type of transmission, how long could remain at the levels of infectious virus in semen, including working to learn more about.

In all six cases in the new report include vaginal intercourse without a condom, during the time when a guy has traveled to an affected area Zika virus- was getting his signs of infection, or shortly after symptoms have gone away , the report said.

Zika virus women who live in the affected areas should do their best to avoid mosquito bites, and communities to kill mosquitoes and prevent them from breeding efforts must apply, Frieden said.

CDC is currently conducting studies to better understand the link between Zika microcephaly.

Earlier this week, in a paper published in the journal Tropical Diseases PLOSNeglected, researchers in Brazil Zika virus involving a woman reported a stillbirth. Large parts of the baby’s brain were missing, and the researchers also found the problem out of the central nervous system. Much more research on the health of a fetus is needed to determine the effects of Zika virus, the researchers said.

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