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Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Women's Day
Women’s Day

#Cosmoread: On 8TH March globally Women’s Day or correctly termed as International Women’s Day is celebrated. This is to celebrate her presence and achievements across spheres. A lady is always the Women of Substance in every role executed by her, socially or within her family. This day celebrates Women and her undying spirit across zones, nations, speechand provinces.

Saga of IWD (International Women’s Day)

During the labour days in the twentieth century, this day rather a whole day was dedicated to celebrated womanhood. In the parts of Europe and North America, initially emerging women strengths were recognised and facilitated. Countries were developing and so the country women. This was the spanwhere industries set up and human race was preceding. Ladies made their presence felt during these emerging days and it went on to build stronger and stronger by each passing day. There were four exclusive conferences held across United Nations to discuss women rights and participation in economic and social fields.

Evolution of Women across Years

During the year 1908, women was been suppressed. This lead to eruption and they became vocal about their rights and duties. Women took up campaigningagainst inequality and their betterment. The first march of 15,000women was observed in the city of New York which claimed good remuneration, right to vote and reasonable working hours.

The Socialist Party of America gave a helping hand and announced 28th February as National Women’s Day across United Nations. This was the first of its kind ever. It was celebrated on last Sunday of February until the year 1913.

1910 was the year of change and it marked the era of a new beginning. In Copenhagen the second ever International Conference of Working Women was conducted. Clara Zetkin, the leader of Social Democratic Party of Germany proposed the concept of International Women’s Day.

She explained if entire globe celebrates the spirit of woman on one single day every year; it would bring solidarity to the concept. The decision was backed by 100 ladies of 17 different countries, who represented working women clubs, unions and social parties. The Finnish women elected at very first time at the parliament also participated in the conference. These all dignitaries supported Zetkin’s proposal and thus the first ever International Women’s Day came to existence.

The first International Women’s Day was celebrated on 19 March 1911in the countries of Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland. On 25th March the Triangle Fire in New York raised issues of women safety and many protests were made in that order. This year also witnessed the Bread and Roses campaign.

In the year 1911, Russian women protested and demanded right to vote. This was the result of death of 2million Russian soldiers during the 1st World War. The hunger strike was titled as bread and peace, which continued till 4 days until the government accepted their demands. The strike started on 23rd February according to the Julian calendar followed in Russia.

This day, according to the Gregorian calendar was 8th March. In the year 1975 the UN celebrated its first International Women’s Day. A resolution was passed by the General Assembly of UN to celebrate National Women’s Day and International Peace.

In the year 1996, the UN started a new ritual of adopting annual themes for the betterment of the society especially women. Therefore from the year 1996 to 1999, many themes like Women at the Peace table, Women and Human Rights, Action to End Violence Against Women, End Poverty & Hunger and World Free of Violence Against Women were followed.

The millennium started on a very good note. In the year 2000 International Women’s Day was followed and practiced in many countries. The major concerns were gender parity and feminism.

In the first year of millennium i.e. 2001,a web domain got created for globe use to carter women celebrations and concerns. It showcased women achievements and helped to accelerate the gender parity. The traffic at this websites increased day by day, and peoplestarted sharing their activities for IWD.

The funds from the IWD website were channelized for charity to organisations like WAGGGS which stands for World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. IWD with its websites undertakes an annual theme and emphasis on the empowering women and working on gender parity. These themes are followed across the globe and brought great results.

IWD celebrated its 100th century in the year 2011. President Barack Obama of United States declared March 2011 as the Women’s History Month. Hillary ClintonSecretary of State at that time introduced a 100 Women Initiative. This had a motto, which empowered girls and women by international give and take.

Since then and now in the year 2016, many things have changed drastically for the good. Youngsters feel many battles have been won well the elders or feminist feel there is more scope of improvement for women. Women in each country and its each city have different agenda and dissimilar battle to fight. They may seem similar to an onlooker but maybe of vast difference to two different women, hailing from different place, culture and society.

There are some realistic facts like, women are not paid well then men, there is dissimilar ratio of men and women present in politics and business, women health, violence and number of girls is deteriorating compared to boys. Many international and social organisations are working for betterment of women.

Even the global search engine Google celebrates women day by upgrading its doodle to celebrate International Women’s Day. We all in our own small way can celebrate and make an effort for betterment of women who is our mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend.