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Home » Featured » Women’s Day: a story of the country’s nine daughters, that attitude changed
Women Day

Women’s Day: a story of the country’s nine daughters, that attitude changed

Women Day
Women Day

Women’s Day: a story of the country’s nine daughters, that attitude changed

#Cosmoread: International Women’s Day, and we are facing today is a chance some of those women who refused just because the laws of the groom was drunk, had no toilets at home, in-laws did not hand pumps, groom and wedding while chewing account Dhejlobhiyon millions were supposed to.

1- dowry demand, the procession returned

Delhi’s Gokulpuri resident Ankita Dhejlobi laws in November last year at the last moment refused to marry the procession returned. Ankita five lakh as dowry laws and asked for the car of the police complaint. The action was on. However, the laws at the behest of Ankita Ankita’s parents apologized to hold the foot of the lawsuit was withdrawn. Ankita Delhi Commission for Women will be honored on Tuesday.

Initially, the girls said Ankita antisocial voices are pressed on, but make your voice heard once that nothing can stop them from moving forward.

2. Drunken groom refused to marry him

Sraychandi village of the Jaunpur Singramu region May 14, 2015, was married Umisha Ramanyn Yadav’s house. Maharajganj area Bjhan Dayaram Yadav’s son from the village camethe procession. Everything goes fine, the smell of alcohol coming from the mouth of the groom Umisha triggered. He stood and vociferously’jb Spoke at marriage, the groom is drunk what Kregakkman boy will not marry. “Beating Umisha groom had to return due to opposition from the alcoholic.

Umisha the evils of society, looking angry. My husband’s rudeness and the courage of the future has created anxiety. I am happy at my decision. I oppose this injustice with another girl said.

So the maiden went 3 toilets

Mohanpur village under police station of Purnia Rupuli fragrance married two years ago, the growth was from Madhepura Tumma Tola. On arrival discovered that the toilet is not in-laws house. Fragrance to her husband to build a toilet immediately said. But it was not possible. The new law somehow spent the night and next day returned to parents by law. After all, the laws of the fragrance had to make toilet. Then her husband came back with laws.

Says the lack of toilets in Hangr scent reminds you there is a feeling of backwardness. It is difficult for women to go to the toilet in the open, that too the Centre is implementing the plan.

If someone told you not to groom someone procession returned

Just Ankita, Umisha and fragrance are not the only daughters, who refused to go for a better future in-laws. The Nikkei Deoria, Birsmuni of Gumla, Muzaffarpur all examples are before us, such as the console. They not only live on your terms responded. But also shape the lives of many women like you said.

Uttar Pradesh

4- groom who said no to avoid counting coins

Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh on December 9 last year, a resident of the friends of the groom’s fragrance said to be illiterate. The groom called scent. The groom wore the wreath went there, the fragrance added to the count of 72 coins. Stuck on the groom. Then he declared the scent will not marry illiterate groom. Fragrance in the district’s decision was lauded. They praised her courage. Kejri Dibiapur village a few days later the 21-year Auraiya, adopted by the immense fragrance. Amit high school is near and Farming. Amit told the villagers deserve fragrance. After which the two got married.

5- The groom should not eat Gutka

Deoria Jigutka groom eating Chahiele Jlpamata temple in the running Bhatni wedding bride Nikki Tiwari refused to marry suddenly announced that startled people. When asked why he is the groom’s mouth chewing. Family members forced to marry a friend’s house, so he got up and went to the wedding canopy. Information on the police was standing at the side of the Nikkei. Eventually Gutka Beating eater groom had to return.

The point was not chewing food. The person who came to the wedding canopy, eat chewing anything he could do. So I refused. How much the person is in society that is not consecrated, how good her whole life can be spent. TI -nikki

6- Dubbed the lives of five thousand women have

About five thousand women in 17 years of life shape Muzaffarpur console has not marry those who ruled the house so everyone did not speak for months. Helping communities attached to console the parents of a daughter marries today proudly say that perhaps the life he lives Snvrta Today, hundreds of women have been dressing. Raj Mistry console to train women, girls and slum area for women to build sanitary education, roads, sanitation facilities, such as work to mobilize.

7- If water is not married

Hand pumps in-laws are not resident in Chhattisgarh Ramachandrapur serious Khatun, daughter of Mustafa Ansari Nagar Untari Kdhavn the village refused to be a bride. Residents of the village hamlet Beyas Cirayatandh serious married son Sohail Ansari Ansari was fixed. Hand pumps to try and resolve the matter at issue was the panchayat. Knowing Panchayat chief satyavati Devi assured that the fund itself will put the handpumps. Then he was ready to marry.

8- studies first, then farewell

Gumla district in April last year on student Kumari Birsmuni parents were pressing for marriage. He pleaded for help from the district administration about it. He wanted to complete his studies. Authorities helped her. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Raghuvar Das, a program awarded him a million bucks. Inspired by the struggle of the state government Birsmuni first studies again Farewell ‘scheme. The government each year in the bank account of the girls has a minimum of a thousand rupees.

9- would not be disrespectful to marry

Haridwar Avdipurhal groom at a wedding in the village last year came girlfriends beat him in front of everyone. Girlfriend alleged that he was in a relationship with this guy for a long time and both married in the court. The bride said she cannot marry with a boy who does not respect girls. The case reached the threshold of the Panchayat. Panchayat proposed to the girl he wants to marry his daughter to the groom’s brother can. Both the girl and the boy accepted the offer. Then the wedding was held in late night.