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women cheat

Why do most women cheat ?

Infidelity and cheating statistics reveals 45-55% of married women and 50-60% of
married men engage in Extramarital affairs at some point in their relationship.
According Menstuff.com there are many statistics that show cheating in various
different contexts likes emotions, sex, online dating, etc.

What these research suggest is that approximately one half of all married men and
women seek some form of inappropriate intimacy outside their relationship, be it
emotional or physical, that most of the questions are not always about sex.

Assuming that there is no personality disorders or mental illness to take into
account, there are different reasons men and women betray. The main cause for which
women betray is there is an emotional shutdown or feeling of negligence. In major
occasions of infidelity, it is about feeling emotionally connected to someone.
Women, just like men cheat because something is annoying in their current partner.
With the missing of closeness and intimacy that they get depressed, feel
loneliness, and many times, alienated, and this can lead to doing things they
normally would never do had they not been feeling like themselves.

couple ignoredOther reasons why women cheat is due to:

Low self-esteem: Some women feel that something is missing in their lives. Getting
attention from men can increase their confidence and self esteem. Compliments,
phone calls, flowers and text from another man’s flattering and make a woman feel
more attractive and wanted.

Voltage: If a woman does not feel fulfilled or is bored in her life, looking for a
business can be a new and exciting business and can lead to feelings of euphoria.
Women want to escape from everyday life and a business is a way for that to happen.

Gender: As men and women are sexual beings, it is natural to want and desire sex.
If a woman is unhappy with their sex life and communication is already low, her
interest wander towards other men. If sexual activity drops dramatically in between
two, the woman may feel unattractive and unworhty.

Romance: When women become comfortable in their relationship, romance can get lost
in the daily routine of life. When a couple has been together a long time, it can
be challenging to keep Romance goes. Some women even seek not questions but may be
seduced by the temptation to “high” with any new relationship.
loss of attraction in men

Revenge: Sometimes women have extra affairs to get even with the other men who have
had issues themselves so that they can feel hurt and jealousy that they have known.

An escape excuses: “The bounding” is one way that the lady puts up leaving the
relationship unconscious or desperately because it serves as a way to sabotage the
both as betrayal leads to her motivation to exit.

Reasons why men cheat:

  • Feels neglected
  • Increases their ego
  • Growing apart; Fallen out of love
  • Argue very
  • Loss of attraction
  • Sex life is bad
  • Revenge
  • Exciting and New

bad sex lifeBoth men and women can keep a history of cheating on the family in which they grew
up. Parents may have cheated on each other, because bad behavior was the role model
for them. Even if they do not like the act, it was somehow simplified in their
environment and the act is repeated. Some people have poor coping skills and act
out their feelings in an inappropriate way of cheating and hurting themselves and
those they love. Women are no different than men when it comes to cheating, except
that they are more likely to fall in love with their partners as women have a
hormone (oxytocin), which stimulates the brain and makes it possible for them to
feel “in-love” state more so than men. Men typically amount more partners, where
the woman who quality.
oxytocinThe most effective way to keep a relationship or marriage healthy is to work at it
everyday and evaluate it regularly. If both parties make an effort to improve the
relationship, keep a contact resistance of (hang time), and effectively
communicate, they can avoid the feeling that they need someone else to make them

It should be noted that statistics on the prevalence of questions was made over a
decade ago. Based on the changes in our society over the years, that percentage may
be slightly higher due to the continued increase of women in the workplace and the
increase of women actively participate in online chat rooms. In conclusion, I
believe that the numbers of women who have questions are probably the same for men,
approximately 60%.

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