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Breaking waves at Surfer best shots freezes


#Cosmoread: Chasing Waves is a way of life for Sean Gravem. After his first scuba lesson, Pacific Grove, California, photographer shooting trapped under the sea. His images freeze in time the bank-breaking waves, capture water droplets right before – or after – they turn to foam. For other scenes, Gravem sun-dappled sand beneath the waves to reveal dives. You can almost hear the silence water.

“Every wave is different, I enjoy this style,” Gravem says. “I am always learning and always fascinated by them.”

Gravem interview about how he captured the wave shots.

What inspired the wave to start taking pictures?

offshore wave
offshore wave

Gravem: I wouldbe lying if I did not say I [Hawaii wave photographer] was inspired by Clark Little. Ocean Photography was a hobby for many years, but the first time I saw one of his paintings, I knew that I wanted to do was wave photography. Since it is a healthy addiction. Now, everyone will need all the inspiration ocean provides.


What kind of tools do you use?

Gravem: let me setup a KNEKTUSA bicep strap with water from a CMT is a Sony A6000. A6000 11 fps up to capture this wave is an excellent camera for photography is capable. GoPro Hero 3 + black mini-waves for a trigger mounted in a KNEKTU

Break wave
Break wave

SA and generally shoot at 30 fps burst mode to use. Over / unders KNEKTUSA KSD6 I use the dome.

What is the process to capture these waves? How much is a post-production?

Gravem: wave to capture images, it is much like any other photography – you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Being in the right place, there are lots of practice and experience. The standard way to capture an image search barrels in front of an oncoming wave and wave at you instead try to duck under the lip as accidents, all while the cameras are pointing in the right direction, and it trying to keep level. My Sony / CMT with the setup and I shoot in RAW edit, contrast, saturation, etc. The only my Gopro / KNEKTUSA installation goes for tweaking, only JPEG images are clearly a through too much to see.

To work to achieve these shots is the biggest challenge?
Gravem: The biggest challenge is that the ocean is so unpredictable. Current, tide, weather and swell are always changing and you must be able to work closely with all of these.

The study of weather and swell chart helps me to prepare, but it is only part of it. You have to deal with other issues, from the port, the crooked horizon, and choosing the right camera settings are spots on the water, all the while trying not to get caught out of position.

Shaka sign and Monterey
Shaka sign and Monterey








Do you have any particularly memorable moments or experiences to capture these images?

Sean Graves Monterey
Sean Graves Monterey

Gravem: Too many to count :, sharing the waves with pods of dolphins right in waves from sunrise to sunset, being with family and friends and XXL push the limits in the clear water with some friends in the terrible days hilarious. Every day is special in the water and there are far too many memorable moments to share here … I could go on forever. There is a special week, to break my house last year, when conditions were pristine and every day I shot with friends.

Something different or new to this line of work has inspired you to try? What is the next project on the horizon?

Gravem: From the time I tried to wave photography is an addiction started. Visit new places in the world for me, chasing down the perfect waves has inspired. This has led me to study the ocean than before. It has led me to many new friendships. I Sea photographer who continually inspire me’m friends with a very talented group.

What is your next project?

Gravem: I Davis with this theme, a few shows in California in the coming months, “the waves of Monterey Bay.”