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Vijay Mallya

The Vijay Mallya: Kingfisher House in Mumbai today’s auction, the bidding will start at 150 million


#Cosmoread: Mumbai office Kingfisher Airlines, Vijay Mallya, for recovery of the debt to be auctioned on Thursday. E-Okshning Haegi from 11:30 hours. Near Domestic Airport Vile Parle in 2401 square meters of Kingfisher house has a reserve price of Rs 150 crore for banks. It is considered one of the largest property Mallya. Who will be the auction, so unpaid Mallya

  • Jan 31, 2014 on the banks of Kingfisher Airlines to Rs 6963 crore. The interest on the debt after the total liability of Rs 9,000 crore has been spent.
  • Kingfisher auction house OSI (OSI) aims Kanjorshiam led by banks.
  • SBI Cap is the Trust Company Limited. The company was found in possession of Kingfisher House in February 2015.
  • Securities and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement electronic auction interest Security Act 2002 will be low.
  • She is said it would buy a company linked to the hospitality industry.
  • Inform the airline was closed in October 2012. In December 2014, she has also canceled its flight permit.

Vijay Mallya owes much to what bank?

Money (in Rs)
SBI 1600
PNB -800
IDBI -800
Bank -650
United Bank of India 430
Central Bank of India 410
UCO Bank -320
Corporation Bank 310
State Bank of Mysore -150
Indian Overseas Bank -140
90 Federal Banks
Punjab and Sind Bank -60
Bank shaft 50

It Vijay Mallya March 18 in F-1 racing is to appear before or erectile dysfunction?

  • Nine billion debt with the money laundering case Vijay Mallya-ED on 18 March (Application Management) will be presented ahead. Australia Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne on the same day is the day of racing practice. Force India co-owner Vijay Mallya team to the UK.
  • In the case of money laundering Vijay Mallya has been summoned for questioning.
  • If you are not here on March 18, Vijay Mallya ED may recommend the cancellation of his passport.
  • Participation in the race when Vijay Mallya know your location.
  • Also in India and dispute them, which will air.
  • We do not know that erectile dysfunction Where are Vijay Mallya.
  • And not for any information about your plan, Vijay Mallya said.
  • The Federation of Motor Club of India President Vijay Mallya has denied flee the country.
  • Mallya tweeted a few days ago said that the media is trying to hunt them. But you will have to follow the rules.

Mallya could put pressure on the government?

  • Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi told a news channel is an annulment proceeding, “Vijay Mallya India not return the passport would begin, as in the case of former commissioner Lalit Modi was IPL.
  • “Our first task is to publicize Vijay Mallya to bring back to their properties.”
  • “Long after the legal action of 9 billion rupees Vijay Mallya will meet with the recovery process.”
  • “Lalit Modi’s passport in case of cancellation however, the Delhi High Court had canceled was processed.”
    Personal Jet will be auctioned, including the Airbus ACJ 319
    Vijay Mallya, the government intends to auction the property.
  • Includes the jet, which Airbus ACJ 319 is personal.
  • The government will charge through tax service 812 crore and penalty.
  • Kingfisher Airlines Airbus five smaller ATR government and three helicopters are thinking about selling.
  • Department of service tax has already been seized aircraft company.
  • Please say Kingfisher Airlines has stopped since 2012. Banks are charging Rs 9,000 crore.
How will the government collect?
  • The Airbus A319 standard is the current price of Rs 600 crore. The auction will be in May.
  • Service tax of Rs 812 crore, the company owes.
  • The charges were made to the company for up to 32 million passengers. But it is not stored in the service department.
  • After last year the Department Vijay Mallya had asked permission to arrest.
  • However, the Mumbai Metropolitan Court dismissed the arrest.