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first transplant in the U.S.


first transplant in the U.S.
first transplant in the U.S.

‘Unbelievable’ event: for the first time in the US transplanted uterus

#Cosmoread: A 26-year-old woman who was discovered at age 16 that he would be unable to have children, the first uterus transplant in the US thanks to the implants do women who are unable to have children due to offers hope for a chance of uterine issues, complete transplant doctors said.

“This is an incredible event,” and the patient is doing very well, Dr. Andreas Tzakis, program director of the transplant center at the Cleveland Clinic, who led the surgery.

A condition called uterus factor infertility – because he is a woman or a uterus, or womb does not work properly is unable to get pregnant – according to the Cleveland Clinic, an estimated 50,000 women in the United States affects.

A uterus transplant to become pregnant, a woman with uterus factor infertility can enable and deliver a baby.

The surgery took place in February 2016, and require about 9 hours, Dr. Toby Cosgrove, CEO and President of Cleveland Clinic, speaking at a press conference today (March 7), said. Eight teams including surgeons and fertility experts and bioethicists about 70 other carers involved, he said.


Tzakis and his team of doctors in Sweden, which in 2015 completed the world’s first uterus transplant has worked very closely with.

Cleveland transplant, the uterus from a deceased donor is taken, Tzakis said.

Surgeons transplant organ transplantation technique that is well-established for other types is used. However, surgery is a little more complicated because of the implant site deep within the pelvis and therefore more difficult to use, Tzakis said.

Work on the first transplant
Work on the first transplant

Dr. Rebecca Flyckt, an OB / GYN surgeons who were part of the team, elaborated on surgery.

The most important part of the implant is to connect the blood vessels, Flyckt told a press conference. First, the uterine arteries and veins were connected to the recipient’s blood vessels, she said. Once these were connected pink uterus implanted, which indicated that the bleeding started to turn, she said.

Next, the surgeon uterus to the vagina, the uterus in the pelvic area is associated connective tissue that helps anchor, she said.

Implanted in the upper part of the cervix and the vagina is also included.

Preparing for Pregnancy

The goal of surgery is to allow the woman to have a baby, but the woman before trying to get pregnant need to wait at least a year, Flyckt said.

Cleveland team examined more than 250 women, and ultimately selected the 10 that will receive the implant.

All of the women with normal ovaries produce eggs that were born healthy, Flyckt said. But without a uterus, the egg has nowhere to go, she said.

Before transplantation, women must undergo in vitro fertilization, Flyckt said. They are six to 10 fetuses bank before they can be considered for transplant, she said.

After the transplant is complete, wait a whole year before pregnancy, women need to be considered, Flyckt said. This ensures that the old anti-rejection drugs, which suppress the immune system is taking lower dosages have to make, she said.

However, doctors will begin to implant the embryo, Flyckt said. (Because the fallopian tube is not implanted, the patient can get pregnant through sex.)

Dr. Uma Perni, an OB GYN specializing in high risk pregnancies, said the team transplanted uterus with a vaginal delivery to children about many unknown see, because any woman who has uterus transplant delivered via cesarean section at the plans.

Common symptoms of a transplanted uterus exactly how it would respond to labor is not clear, and it is possible that the complex connections made during the transplant may be interrupted during labor, Perni said. Finally, it is not clear that the patient’s body will not tolerate a vaginal delivery, he said.

Perni added a small risk of a preterm delivery in women who have a uterus transplant is more than the average woman. Because of this, the team will closely monitor the patient in the third quarter, he said. Ultimately, they hope they are very 37 weeks before the baby is considered full term, to be close, she said.

A temporary implant

Other transplanted organs, which can remain in the patient for the rest of their lives, as opposed to one or two doctors likely will remove the uterus after conception.

Removing the uterus due to the anti-rejection drugs that patients must take is to reduce the amount of, Falcone said.

Falcone estimated five years or two about patient transplanted uterus for pregnancy: A year after the transplant surgery is not to wait, so the first pregnancy, and in a year to a year between pregnancies half, and then the second pregnancy for nine months.

It is a “short-term transplant,” Tzakis said. One option is to remove the uterus, but another option is to wait and see, he said. Team to decide how they will proceed to be careful – they can do a second surgery, or they can not, he said.

Still, there are signs that the body of the patient is dismissed for uterus will be monitored, Dr. Bijan Eghtesad, a transplant surgeon who was part of the team.

In order to monitor the patient, doctors should periodically examine the cervix, he said. Cervical, and vaginal mucosal lining, upon seeing that they can determine what is happening, he said. Discoloration can advise rejection, he said.

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