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Portable Coffeemaker new thermos doubles as: whether the ‘Mojoe’

#Cosmoread: Say goodbye to those waiting in line at the local coffee shop in the morning to spend: a new form of mobile device that looks like an everyday can help you Thermos coffee lovers to make – and enjoy – let their caffeine fixed.

“Mojoe,” small “mobile cup of Joe,” a portable coffee that doubles as a travel mug. A couple working device on / off lights, charging port and a slightly elongated shape a little different on your coffee brewing skills provides few outward clues.

Even midbrew, mojoe remains secret; The burbling and gurgling noise that comes in is not a regular coffee pot. “You can hear the bubbling right before just a little bit of it is to go,” Joseph Hammond, mojoe MoJoe brewing company CEO and inventor, said, “This is very, very low noise.”

Hyman first dreamed mojoe what would become a college student when he was studying at the library late at night. He leaves his place in the lobby of the library, a coffee shop did not want to dish out money to buy, and he knew that if he returned to his dorm room, he’d lose motivation back to the library to visit. So, he thought, “Why is there not a mobile coffee?”

Mojoe is the first of its kind, Hyman said, because the market unlike other portable coffee maker, mojoe first puck is not required to heat the water, and it can withstand temperatures super hot. A self-contained within a travel mug for coffee brewing system, Hyman and his team figured out how a small, lightweight and durable device with a vacuum puck to combine aspects of drip brewing.

Traditional drip coffee

Most traditional drip coffee brewers that are pouring hot water over ground coffee beans. Vacuum brewers, on the other hand, compared to a kitchen on the stove in a chemistry lab look more at home. A vacuum brewer is often a clear, hourglass-shaped chamber with a metal stand holding a thin but robust expansion is suspended in space. Water hourglass sits at the bottom of the bulb until it gets hot enough to turn water into steam. This steam, running out of the room and down a glass of warm water to add bulb to siphon up to create enough pressure to push through the bulb expands. Once the vapor overhead bulb, which is the base reaches coffee, hot water mixes with the coffee grounds and turns. When fully brewed coffee, the stove is off, the vapor condenses and falls back into the bulb down brewed coffee.

Mojoe also energizes and move the water vapor pressure of water harnesses, but depending on the device drip brewing coffee to make really. “Two things we used to do science,” Hammond said, move the water and turn the water in the coffee. The mojoe VacDrip patent system is called.

Similar to a vacuum brewer, VacDrip system heats the water, it is a vapor that is siphoned into a separate room are turned into. However, unlike a vacuum brewer, mojoe two chambers on top of each other instead of side by side.

Mojoe with a mug of water that runs the length of the center compartment begins. A water mojoe car adapter, a wall plug adapter or a rechargeable battery is heated using electricity. Once the water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 ° C) is heated, the water vapor in the middle of the compartment to push water through a siphon starts. Mojoe water in a mesh basket of coffee grounds on top of the accumulated water reaches siphon. Water seeps into the basket and then just as it would in a drip brewer, as the coffee drips out, Hammond said. Freshly brewed coffee fills the space between the wall of the center compartment and mugs.

Perfect for the coffee brewing temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and, “coincidentally, right around 200 degrees when a lot of water to produce water vapor begins,” Hyman said. schuuuuu “Once all the water comes out, you hear a little”, “and that the vapor pressure is released,” he said. Only about 5 water vapor will change during the brewing process to 10 percent; Water vapor is the vehicle that moves, Hyman said.

Mojoe 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the water come in contact with any part of the super durable plastic called HDPE, or high density polyethylene made, Hyman said. HDPE is a popular material for kitchen appliances, and so it is resistant to washing and sticky foods, he said. If different parts of mojoe, Hyman and his team a special HDPE food grade adhesive that both bind and can resist heat had to find.

“This whole thing was an engineering challenge,” said Hyman. Not only difficult to collect material, but also the power source had to be strong enough to change the water. “Water is such a great insulator, and the water to warm a lot of joules [energy] needs,” said Hyman. “It does not want to get warm.”

Mojoe through a store or a car charger can be powered directly, Hyman said. mojoe a battery pack that takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to charge. Battery pack, mojoe about 1.3 pounds. (0.6 kg); Without battery, 0.7 lbs. (0.3 kg). mojoe 8.5 liquid ounces (250 ml) can hold, coffee, tea and hot chocolate can brew.

Raised $ 85,860 through a Kickstarter campaign mojoe crowdfunded and currently can only be pre-ordered via the company’s website MoJoe puck. Hammond said he hopes will be ready to ship in May mojoe.