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The Benefits of Natural Dog Food

As our society turns away from fast and processed foods, many pet owners are realizing that their furry friends deserve the same nutritional treatment. Whether to lose weight, stave off heart disease or protect the body from pesticides, more and more people in the mainstream are choosing natural, raw, whole and unprocessed foods for their own diet. With the realization of how much these diet changes can affect health and happiness, conscientious pet owners are making the same changes for their pets by choosing natural dog food.

One thing to know about natural dog food is that it doesn?t have to be expensive. In fact, switching to a raw or whole food diet for your pets can actually save money compared to buying high end dry and wet food from the store.

The general scientific idea that guides natural dog food proponents is evolution. Modern dog, just like modern human, has changed very little anatomically in the past ten thousand years. Though we are able to feed our animals vitamin enriched, processed foods made from animal parts that would otherwise be thrown out, our animals themselves would be healthier eating a diet more like their ancient ancestors.

Some pet owners find their pet is happiest and healthier on a completely raw food diet. They believe this is because a dog’s ancient ancestors rarely if ever came into contact with cooked food. Processed food would have been absolutely unheard of when the environmental factors that created what we call canine were in action.

A raw food diet for humans rarely includes raw meat, but that’s the first thing on the menu for a pet on a raw diet. Raw meat and other animal parts supplemented by raw fruits and vegetables complete the menu. These foods are included to increase your pet’s overall health.

Even if you’re not ready to make the switch to raw food for your pet, choosing healthier food and avoiding known problem foods will make your pup a happier and healthier companion. When choosing pet food, avoid options that include overly processed ingredients. Opting for products that have real meat in them rather than flavoring will help, too.

Preservatives, food coloring dyes, additives and filler ingredients are prevalent in pet food. Though regulation is improving surrounding these issues in human food, most pet food is still chockfull of harmful toxins that will decrease your pet’s health. If your pet has a particular health issue, such as obesity or skin problems, do some research online or ask your vet about what dietary choices could be encouraging the condition.

Whatever natural dog food choice you make, you’ll be able to find all the menu items you need either online or in the closest city. The most affordable option is to make the food yourself from raw ingredients that you buy at the grocery store. However, if you do not have the time and energy to take this more advanced option, simply choosing healthier, more wholesome food for your pet will surely make a difference.

I\’m a pet health expert who specializes in feeding raw dog food. You may also be interested in reading more information about raw dog food.

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