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Tattoo multimedia artists
Tattoo multimedia artists

Moving Inc cool animation technology brings to life tattoo

#Cosmoread: As part of the cultural traditions of personal adornment or as decorative marks on your skin for thousands of years have been a clue. But a new spin on this old art form brought tattoos to life like never before: a combination of animation and projection mapping technique called a magical tapestries of light and movement that flows in real-time a person’s body slither and March makes

In July 2015, Oscar and Gaspar, multimedia and a collective of visual artists based in Portugal, in Lisbon, Portugal, a historic event, “Ink mapping” used projection mapping that dynamic works of art of the tattoo is said to change staged.

A building facade – like – a rather flat, rectangular than the screen projection surface within the boundaries of a three-dimensional mapping software to fit the projection estimates that combines technology with traditional analog media. The motion sequences that artists planes, curves and crevices follow a unique path, the visual part of the story as a projection surface structure embracing architecture and allows to design.

And the combination of real-world objects and animation usually stop long after the cameras rolling is created in films and television, projection mapping brings them together as you see.

The group is already used with projection mapping on the body and face, a representative told Live Science in an email. “And because we are big fans of tattoo art, the bringing together of these two types of seemed like the next logical step,” he said. “Two years ago, we started to experiment on your tattoo, and it became crystal clear that the outcome will be attractive.”

The results were, in fact, surprisingly, for a wide range of tattoo styles, lights, add depth and movement – spinning chambers making origami birds, supernovae, and even a winking, eyebrow-raising picture of Salvador Dali recalls the flapping “pictures Harry Potter” films “seen” live.

Magic Match

However, moving the magic of tattoos, but about 40 people and setting model preparation, image capture, lighting, building mat

Tattoo design and animate
Tattoo design and animate

erials and working on the launch of the joint efforts were not born. Each animation tattoos, which are rendered as 3D models and were involved in a sequence of motion pictures began with. Then, the human subject was positioned in front of the projector, while the video mapping software with the original tattoo animated media to line up and get everything to fit within the launch area was used for.

A performance that tattoos on both sides of the body of a model animated, took about 2 hours to build, while the other demos that focus on the more isolated areas of the body about 45 minutes of preparation needs, artists said. Then, the projector was activated, and shadows played across the face of a gargoyle, and an origami bird flapped a hand across, leaving behind trails of ghost-birds. In another example, a tree grew on the back of your flowers bloom and shed.

Tattooing is an ancient art, but changes in the incident revealed that they are still able to create plenty of surprises.