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Road Crack Earthquake


Road Crack Earthquake
Road Crack Earthquake

‘MyShake’ application turns your smartphone into the earthquake detector

#Cosmoread: Seismologists and application developers earthquake seismologists detect individual transforms smartphones are shaking things up with a new application.

Motion detection instruments – – a free Android app by tapping the smartphone accelerometer, MyShake called pick and earthquake activity around can explain, in real time, location and magnitude of earthquakes to assess, and then a central relaying information to the database to analyze seismologists.

At the time, an early- warning system to establish a network of users as MyShake be able to be used, the researchers said.

Crowdsourcing Earthquake

Seismic networks worldwide, scientists around the clock to detect earthquakes and earth tremors that are part of the ongoing dynamic processes seismic data to provide a global picture express. But there are areas where the network is thin, which means that researchers are missing pieces in the puzzle of the earthquake. However, smartphones with “citizen scientists” can fill those gaps, Richard Allen, MyShake project leader and director of the laboratory, according to Berkeley California earthquakes.

“As smartphones become more popular and it is easy to write software that will run on smartphones has become, we realized that we have the potential in every smartphone that runs accelerometer used to record earthquake”.

How it works

myshake app
myshake app

Accelerometers measure acceleration forces related to: vibration, tilt and movement, and also the constant pull of gravity force. In smartphones, accelerometers, detect changes in the orientation of the device to the end, allowing the phone to know exactly which direction it is facing adjusted to correspond to visual displays.

Order health apps for smartphones, for example, counting the number of steps you have to point to specific changes in motion accelerometers use. The app is a smartphone accelerometer and a sign MyShake tremors, Allen said, which is different from other types of vibrating motion or picks up is designed to recognize “everyday shaking.”

In fact, MyShake earthquake detection engine According to Allen, the identity of an earthquake tremor profile move such as a fitness app is designed to recognize.

Allen said, “This seismic amplitude and frequency of the content is about looking,” “and it shakes the everyday is quite different from the amplitude and frequency content. It is a very low frequency and amplitude as energy the dimensions are not big for everyday activities. ”

In other words, the difference between the fluctuation range of motion caused by an earthquake, you know, compared to other types of daily movement are smaller, he said.

Quake, rattle and roll

MyShake a smartphone app detects an earthquake, it immediately sends an alert to a central processing site. Detection algorithm a network data sent from the phone in the same area, is activated by an earthquake “to declare”, identifying their location and estimated its magnitude, Allen said.

For now, the application will only collect and transmit data to the central processor. But the end goal, Allen said, back to individual users to send a warning to future versions of the app.

An iPhone version of the application will be included in future plans for MyShake Allen.For the seismologists, the more data they can gather about earthquakes, the better, Allen said. A large data pool is a better understanding of earthquake behavior experts who design better early warning systems and security protocols, especially things that are critical in urban areas prone to frequent seismic activity could help means. 2.6 billion smartphones currently in circulation around the world and an estimated 6 billion by 2020, according to a report released in 2015 the Ericsson Mobility, a global network of over seismic detectors improve earthquake preparedness and response to protect people from a can long way.