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Hunter & Robbot


Hunter & Robbot
Hunter & Robbot

Unmanned sub hunter and robot battle managers on the horizon, DARPA says

#Cosmoread: Space battles new technologies, unmanned submarine hunter and artificial intelligence systems that help the human commanders to make split-second decisions may seem like science fiction fodder, but the military work researchers are trying to make them a reality.
The US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project to put millions of dollars cheaper, reusable rockets and war technology to make such technologies, as well as to develop other projects, with the agency officials Wednesday (Feb. 10) Said at a news briefing.
Americans generally (like Iraq during the Gulf War), big, monolithic opponents (the Soviet Union during the Cold War) or faced hostile nation states, and in the last few decades, it is incredibly has been effective, Steve Walker, deputy director of DARPA.
In the future, however, “We cannot choose the next in world hotspots important fights we can win and we cannot focus on,” Walker said.

Instead of a limited set of well-known enemies, the US and now quickly transfers a very large number of interconnected threats, nation states traditionally hostile to the terror network in the face of criminal organizations. Those enemies fight big, expensive military systems that take ages to design and build something beyond may require.”We need to mix it up,” Walker said.

Robots and Humans


Toward that end, DARPA technologies that are cheaper and more flexible in a number of war is investing.

For example, an agency of the future, cheaper space plane called the XS-1 is investing in the development. Reusable suborbital altitude aircraft starts flying at Hypersonic speeds of Mach 10, mini-fleet of satellites to deliver, then repeat the process for the return.

Man Modern Warfare other projects will carry out at least some of the equations for technologies. All without a human on board – for example, the agency that an unmanned warship diesel submarine hunt down ultra quiet be ready for technologies. The first prototype technologies, dubbed the Sea Hunter, a 130-foot-long (40-meter) giant that earlier this month took its maiden voyage in the waters of Portland and will be named in April. Such an invisible ghost ship with other manned vessels can be connected to the grid, to consistently communicate the dynamic threat assessment.

Another project human pilot in the cockpit with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to put it for technologies. AI to sabotage the enemy’s communication network to be used for technologies.

“The way we see what happens in the electromagnetic spectrum to learn all anti-artificial intelligence and machine learning the limitations of doing some of the most amazing technology for all other applications in real-time spectrum before and diarrhea after that is by, and then they are going to optimize on-board jammier start making predictions about, “Arati Prabhakar, DARPA said the director.

Currently, completely unaware of a central command station signal, where they sometimes take months to decode should be sent back, he said.

More quickly than he or she otherwise, then a human commander, will be able to make decisions, which introduced a set of two or three decisions – and the newly proposed hallmark program of artificial intelligence systems in future space battles faster in the dynamically changing data will have to assess leverage.

“You do not want to overload human, you give them exactly what they need to make decisions like,” Walker said.