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Tetraquark potential


Tetra Quark particles never before seen in possibly Atom Smasher

#Cosmoread: Never before seen a quark particle containing four types of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois for the evidence (Fermilab) data from the Tevatron collider is shown. The new particle, a class of “tetraquark,” a down quark, a strange quark, an up quark and a down quark is made of. Small fundamental particles that make up protons and neutrons inside atoms in the universe – I quarks complex rules that can help to clarify the rule.

Tetraquark potential
Tetraquark potential

Protons and neutrons each of three quarks, which is by far the most stable group consists. Quarks, mesons are called, also usually appear in pairs, but by large groups of quarks are very rare. Switzerland Large Hadron Collider (LHC) scientists last one pentaquark five quarks-which had long been predicted but never seen the first signs of the group. Tetraquark first used in Japan in 2003, Bell was found, and since then physicists have suffered half a dozen different system. But the new one, if confirmed, would be special. “What this case is unique in that we are basically four quarks, which are all different-down, up, and down is funny,” Dmitri Denisov, DZero co-spokesperson for the experiment says. “In all previous configurations are usually two quarks. It is telling us something? I hope so to say.”

The unusual arrangement dubbed X (5568) presented a paper in toPhysical Review Letters, about how different types, or “flavors” of quarks bind together-a process in nature, called the strong force capable of some rules could reflect appropriately deep, strong force. Chromodynamics- physicists called the quantum theory describes how a strong force works, but it is incredibly unwieldy and difficult to predict. “We understand the many features of the strong force, we do not understand everything, especially how the strong force works over large distances,” Denisov said. “And we still have a basic level of how quarks interact with quite a few of them are involved is not a very good model.”

An open question is: How many quarks can stick together as a particle? So far, scientists have not seen groups of more than five, but theoretically there is no limit. Has also seen a handful of physicists that quarks of different configurations than the four and five would like to find. “Tetraquarks has proven difficult to find, but it is likely that there are many more,” Fermilab physicist Don Lincoln, DZero says a member of the team.

Tevatron collider closed in 2011, but the operation of particle collisions DZero team achieved during its 28 years in the collection of data of tens of billions of new tetraquark signaled. Other experiments of the LHC LHCb project ( “B” stands for beauty) now to see if they have evidence of the particle are looking through their own data. “If this is true, it would be very interesting,” Syracuse University physicist Sheldon Stone says LHCb. “Discussion among colleagues LHCb LHCb can quickly check the DZero results have raised many issues of concern with. As long is Czech and DZero result is confirmed, we are sure that what they are not looking. ”

However, scientists currently LHC- particular particle accelerator, which is the first ever in the coming years and the discovery of new particle configuration, the quark physics and complex than creating an exciting time for clearing the energy level was expected to start last year, then the mechanics of power. “I would compare it with something like a puzzle, it’s not over yet, but we already had known what to have added another piece,” Denisov said. “Hopefully there is ultimately a theory that explains the observations of these quarks and the forces acting between them will be to gain a better understanding.”