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Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton Vs Donald Trump

Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton Vs Donald Trump

Hilary Clinton, the presidential candidate from Democratic Party, having experience, as an elected official for 8 years has been in limelight with her recent political battle with

CHICAGO - DECEMBER 01: Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) listens as President-elect Barack Obama introduces her as his choice for secretary of state during a press conference at the Hilton Hotel December 01, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. Other members of the National Security Team named by Obama at the press conference include Washington attorney Eric Holder as attorney general, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as his choice for homeland security and he said Robert Gates would remain as defense secretary. Retired Marine Gen. James L. Jones was selected for the position of national security adviser and Susan Rice as U.N. ambassador. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
hillary clinton

the presidential candidate from Republican Party. Although, the experience should have made her a good candidate but the failures she had in her past just shrinks any advantage from this point of view for presidential candidate .

Based on the survey by OnTheIssues.org from various sources, Clinton has a much liberal view point towards Individual Rights, Domestic Issues and Economic Issues while having a neutral view point on the Defense and International Issues for presidential candidate. Similarly, the same source suggests that Donald has more of a conservative view points about all these issues of presidential candidate.

As per the latest FEC disclosure, Hillary raised a total of $101M across all affiliated campaign committees which is the 2nd most of all 2016 presidential candidates and it is 7.5 times more than the average ($13.5M). But on the other hand, Donald has a very weak Fund raising numbers and he raised a total of only $5.83M. This shows the support she is having with this presidential run.

Both of them are in first place at their polling with Hilary at 55.7% among-st Democratic Candidates and Trump at 35.1% among-st Republican Candidates for presidential candidate.

Donald has his advantage with having his net worth of $10B far higher than any 2016 presidential candidate let alone Clinton who has a net worth of $21.5M for presidential candidate.

For presidential candidate the support Hilary is having is quite evident from the statistics while there are Bernie’s supporters who feel she is dishonest, sly and stealing Bernie’s campaign concepts. The support for Trump is also commendable.

In on election seminar for the post of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recently commented on Hilary with a vulgar description of her electoral loss in 2008 over Barack Obama. Clinton responded that the GOP front runner thrives on controversy and doesn’t know any boundaries. Trump defends himself by saying that it’s not vulgar but describes how badly she was beaten in 2008.

After this comment, Donald will surely have difficulties in getting the support of women. A recent survey found that only a quarter of Americans will be proud to have Mr. Donald as their president while fifty percent of them say they will feel embarrassed for presidential candidate.

Before this, Clinton has claims that the Islamic State is using Trump’s comments on the GOP primary stump to recruit militants which Donald defended by saying that she just made it up.

Some say Clinton should thank Trump as it’s keeping everyone—Republicans, Democrats, and independents—from examining the cons of having Hillary Clinton as their president. As per recent survey, she leads every other candidate in the most probable list of general election’s winner to be held next year.

Speaking of Clinton, she has her own failures in the field of economic and foreign policies. She is also known to frustrate everyone with her hard-headed centrism. Yet she turns out to be the favorite of them all.

Controversies in politics is a well-known formula since decades. But will this work for this duo in controversies due to vulgar comments and baseless allegations. We will have to wait and watch.