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intolerance in India

The ongoing intolerance debate

The ongoing intolerance debate


 Well, what would the DREAM INDIA look like? Probably, much like a country that practices perfect communal harmony, enjoys the freedom of expression, the country which has not banned a single book or movie, a country where no caste system is practiced, where every single individual get access to the fundamental rights, where there is no hunger, no poverty, no farmer commits suicide, and where people could eat according to their individual food practices and habits. The aforementioned turning to reality is no less than a Paradise in India.

However, such has been the agony that India has seen communal violence, law and order issues, multiple farmer suicide cases, caste prejudice, gender discrimination, numerous murders, rape, tax violations, unsafe roads, litter in the streets, road rages and every other social evil that one can think of.

According to a recent survey, 40% people in the country feel that they cannot get along with people from another Jaati. People are having major issues sharing their neighborhoods with people from different caste or even with those who speak in a language different from their own. Well, if this is case, then days are not far off that India will have to protect its own national identity.

For that matter, it can be said that India is not getting intolerant; it os rather getting nosier and insensate owing to the “never-changing-stagnant- attitude of some proportion of people.

One word that conquered the year 2015 was ‘intolerance’. It was part of national headlines in all the known leading and local newspapers and television channels. This issue was trending on the social media and turned to be a daily debatable topic in the Parliament. This chronic word was used in abundance this past year and has come into picture in a number of events that has left the nation astounded; with a mere question in mind-:

Who dragged you to all these, my poor India?

One such news-making headline was ban placed on beef by several state governments. The contemplation of Anti- cow slaughter laws in the country is a burning example. The beef ban gave the power to many radical groups, who presumed that it was their responsibility to implement it and dragged a Muslim Man out of his house, and killed him on the suspicion that he and his family had stored beef in their refrigerator. the elder brother of the man killed in this incident serves the country as a official of Indian Airforce. What can be more disturbing?

Smearing ink on a politicians face on a book release event or opposing to the concert of Ghulam Ali is nothing but opposing to the activities of neighboring countries for no reason.

The writer and scientists’ fraternity of the country have started returning their awards. Around 30 writers have returned their awards, raising their voices against the changing secular setup of the country.

At the Ramnath Goenka Journalism Awards, Aamir Khan made a confession that the given the situation in India, his wife feels that they should move to another country. Social media spread it so badly that people just distorted what Aamir actually meant and arose numerous comments about the actor, thus depicting the “no freedom for expression”

Even the Indian cricket team was not spared. The match at Barabati Stadium in Cuttack was held up because spectators started throwing plastic bottles on the field, showing their intolerance for the team’s poor performance.

These headline making incidents have certainly fuelled the intolerance debate at all level. Let’s wait and watch where this discussion heads to!