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Home » Society » Once upon a time – When this land was not even there – bedtime stories

Once upon a time – When this land was not even there – bedtime stories

Once upon a time …

When this land was not even there.

A magical place, full of creatures, the most diverse, beautiful and ugly, good, bad, balanced, neither one nor the other one!
There was an immense dark and dangerous forest, many creatures lived there, among them were the most dangerous predators, living to satisfy your hunger and competed to see which was best, the great predator!
One of them was already becoming a legend, was immense and imposing strong, beautiful, but scary, loved by some, hated by others, followed by disciples who just wanted to be like him and would do anything to get, even kill your master!

And the mighty predator, hunting with rage and perfect techniques, was a gift, do not chose the most vulnerable or easier, he wanted to have the best and most difficult, and when he had his blood down his throat with pleasure and always kept a souvenir of his prey!

He feared nothing, for sure to be the best become arrogant, and as such became careless, and trusted us around him!
Betrayal … Its turned against him by jealous of what was and was nearly destroyed, a trap was armed by many of his followers, he killed many in the fight, but was badly wounded and fled.
Running with no direction reached a clearing, which will leave the Black Forest, but something did not allow their entry, an ancient incantation, he protected refuge

The predator had never seen such a place, had lost much blood and crept for protection, until he heard a voice of a young man he had never seen such a creature in the forest was so beautiful, he looked at her with desire, but desire a different I had never felt before!

The girl asked what he did out of bounds, he said he was not there, who had come from the forest, puzzled she helped him enter the town and out of the woods!

The Young in his heart was afraid, but I also knew that unless there was need your help!
It took the great predator to his house to the other creatures of the village got disgusted with it, risked it all the town to put into this unknown creature, said to put a mad beast in his refuge, but the poor girl was too inexperienced as well as a narf – rare creatures who have the gift of healing, just can not heal themselves, and are born blind, may not make sense of good or evil creatures, is in their hearts the need to help!

She healed the wounds of the predator every day, taught about the fraternal life, love, trust, honor, also said that it was the refuge of many kinds of creatures, all with a special gift, they wrote, taught, healed, people who sought an increase of life, because he said his legend, the whole village, when they were ready, a supreme being would call for them, would lead to a realm unimaginable, also explained how it worked to protect the refuge – only those who were inside could pull someone inside, but never the reverse, and that was his own supreme being who created the refuge and the invisible barrier that protected them for millennia, and that power existed even before the foundation of the world!

Some time passed and the predator was walking through the village, at the beginning beings living there looked suspicious that huge creature, the predator was by far the largest and strongest of there if the town wanted to kill in minutes without any difficulties!

A lot of time there and the predator was well, fully recovered long ago in the village, he did not feed more than flesh and blood, until he missed, but I got used the great food of the narf, which was never told the people there and what was not to offend them. Only shared with the narf everything was in shock, she had fear in his heart, but something inside her said he was good, just had never seen life on the other hand, betting his life, with love care and teach him everything he knew and that was good, giving the predator a hope and a purpose honored!

But the heart and mind of the predator pulsated hatred and desire for vengeance on those who betrayed him and the old flavor of the game …
Sometimes he would wake at night, with the pulse to a thousand, with an amazing speed, and very quietly out of the house, ran to the edge of the border enchanted, smelled, the sound of prey running around there, the howl of their predators hunting brothers, knew that this one step further, the second was his desire and his revenge, but when I went over to the dark forest, he remembered the narf, as she nursed him, welcomed him as the village, the legend of the supreme being, things that made him decide to stay, because I knew that would leave a path of no return, but what really kept was a feeling hitherto unknown to him!

The predator every day or every night I discovered that the narf, so he did get, which for some reason it took the head, and wanted her for fear of their strength and do not control your instincts not touched, he quenched in the presence of the narf, his joy, his words touch your hand, could not bear to stay long without it, even when I was having fun and chatting with the other creatures of the village has always had a way of looking at it …
One day, an old village elder smiled as he looked to narf all delighted, and soon saw the predator came a roar strongly questioning the old man, who did not stop smiling, saying that the ancients told stories and he knew what the predator was the beast the monster who loved the beautiful, a wolf is sleeping with domesticated sheep, the old scarlet glow of predator eyes had faded, that the villagers had fled the violence of the forest, and found refuge, and there was a different being that awaited them that gave teachings and prophecy of the ultimate refuge and protection, continued to smile confidently!

The old man explained to the predator who was cured of his addiction to blood, thanks to narf, and he felt for her is called “Love” could not return to the forest, it would never be happy that way, and never forget the narf!
The large predator left frightened and ran to the old stones on top of the village, confused did not know what to do in the forest he was a legend and there he was just another one was all new and confused, thought he could take his place back in the woods, surprise attack, revenge … But narf? I could not take it, was a very fragile creature, no vision … How to confront evil?

Decided to ask narf to join him, opened her feelings, she loved him, but in a different way, was only to take care of it, to protect, but being with him has never been the custom of the narf’s, were only to heal, teach, what he wanted from her was never done, as was customary for the male predators join the female!

So the dilemma it has increased, it was now harder to know what to do: go or stay?

After all, he knew no more what it was: a predator or a new creature?
As a new creature would be the one alone would be forever, what to do when you have an entire people by your side while you’re alone?
After isolating the corners of the refuge, alone without his love, until one night when the moon shone upon the forest he saw a beautiful predator sneaking across the border there and watched, she asked if he had been captured and tamed and they told stories of the forest that the legendary predator had been arrested for a people with power to charm, she was a girl when the big predator was wounded and arrested, she sought since childhood because he was what would bring hope to the young predators that were being attacked …
Intrigued he continued to question her about everything that happened since he left the forest, she said that new beings came from the north, and disputed the territory with predators, beings were as strong as them, who should lead the legendary predator- them for a possible victory, she said it all wildly excited because I knew she had found what I always dreamed of!
Then the big predator, lying to young saying that anyone who lived there were beings more powerful than them and that she would never get close to there or even mentioning the location of the village to the other, only then would go with her!

She quickly agreed to the terms, passionate about her idol, she is delighted to find that saved him, had hoped that the greatest predators would not only be their general, but it would be!
Then he crossed the border with her and only then looked back and saw the narf out on the porch of his home waiting for him to return, and without saying goodbye again the predator was surprised the first time a tear ran from his eyes, but he knew what was best for everyone, so protect the refuge and help their former brethren!
And in the darkness of the forest they ran at full speed, and his heart throbbed, sadness knowing that I would never see narf, but that again would do what was born to do, filled his lungs and howling like calling to make they were the best, now with a similar and live to fight at your side without fear of following him, finally he was sure he was doing, even if it was wrong, was what he had to do!
And to the ends of the shadows of the forest they came to a battle still unknown, but that would change the lives of all of the black forest, now a leader you want and not imposed such a leader now was fair and honorable fight to the death for what he believed , begin the biggest story of the forest …

End … / … Is it?