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Novelist’s social commitment


Novelist’s social commitment

December 17th was chosen for the Central Sahitya Akademi Award, the seventy-eight-year-old ash Patnaik, Contempory a widely revered figure in Oriya literature. Merorable author of several works, Patnaik a literary career spanning half a century has received several prestigious awards. His short stories and novels adapted to the big screen and in state universities has been a part of the curriculum. He was selected for the prestigious stray, for which collection of short stories ‘Mahisashurara Muhan’ is. The stories in the book focus on the exploitation of the common people and government apathy. Pattnaik’s pen, over the years, has been featured fresh underprivileged and downtrodden lives. In an interview with The Sunday Post, writer Oriya writer, writing film scripts and a lot of experience speaks about the current situation.

Excerpts Central Sahitya Academy award you a little too late in his career does not come?

Passionately engaged in their work with a writer who writes for ever awards. Of course, every writer yearns for appreciation and I thought I was elected to the Academy Awards that definitely happy. However, this all my life, I congratulate me on my achievement across the state have received hundreds of phone calls from readers. I’m happy. It is true that this award came a little late in my career; But being a former member of the award committee, I was like I do not know the reasons listed earlier. It ‘rajatantra’ as opposed was not selected, the novel ‘Chapalachhanda’ for the first time in 1965 and Dhenkanal portray the oppressive feudal system – I was considering two occasions. “Oppressed black ‘, on the other hand, drug companies in the hands of innocent villagers in Orissa persecution of the plight of the people outraged by the indifference of the government to address novel, Dipa, hero of the coverage centered, gradual political extremism leads and eventually becomes a Naxalite. These works were not selected because of their sensitive political content.

The current situation does inspire optimism Oriya literature?

There are very talented, who are young writers. I read his works with interest and admiration. When I first started writing but times have changed. Today, the widely read authors like Chetan Bhagat and the readers can easily associate with things that are appreciated because of writing about. However, the problem is we live in a consumerist age readers, after savoring a novel, never throw it away is to take it up again. This disposition readers would love to read over and over again that the class created, masterpieces is not innate. From the pen of writers these days are not coming out of many classic works. Technological era is fast and smooth in life, maybe, but the aesthetic originality has dried.

Writers and intellectuals in the country over the growing intolerance awards are returning. A celebrity like Aamir Khan is considering leaving the country. Share your opinion on this issue.

I was not in favor of returning the prize. I am a writer first and a social worker. I think for a social cause, I would definitely want to fight. But retuning award symbolic protests like never appealed to me. Neither reward nor return to protest against intolerance am in favor of leaving the country. Who fought against the oppressive communist regime in the Soviet Union people to leave their country in order to carry on the struggle was not. I want to fight against exploitation and injustice, but I move out of the country, so how can I fight?