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Home » Featured » PM Narendra Modi visited to United Kingdom
Visit of United Kingdom PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi visited to United Kingdom

PM Narendra Modi visited to United Kingdom
<em>Modi and Cameron</em>

The current negotiations of the United Kingdom and India in between David Cameron and 15th Prime Minister Narendra Modi from India has said in a visit to the United Kingdom.
In a speech in parliament, he said there is a need to both countries is to create a “leading one of the global partnership.”

Mr.Narendra Modi and David Cameron is due to the fact that the £ 900 billion value of more than signing the India and business-to-business transactions in the UK.

Leaders, they are financial, defense, has said it would cooperate with issues such as nuclear power and climate change.

Visit Mr. Narendra Modi of the three days, with the first due to decades of Indian Prime Minister, the United Kingdom and India relations has said it was a “huge importance”.

He also, India told you saw the British as the right time for enter to the European Union.

But we have done in other European countries, we will consider as the UK is our starting point for entering into the European Union as much as possible,” he added.

Mr.Narendra Modi, the UK and India “, it has dealt two powerful economy and a two innovative society,” he, their relationship was said, “You need to set a higher ambition.”

“We have to ignite the manufacturing engine,” he told MPs.

“India’s progress is the fate of one-sixth of humanity,” he added.

His speech marked the first time a serving Indian Prime Minister had been talk in the UK parliament.

Narendra Modi is expected to divide politicians – love, and hated at the same scale

  • He is a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), after leading his party to victory in the grand general election, it became the PM in May 2014
  • He served as the chief minister of Gujarat from 2001, it has been regarded as a dynamic politician who have let the economic power in the western part of the state
  • However, he also, people of more than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, have been a little finally condemned to stop the religious riots of 2002 when it was killed – he has denied consistently
    suspicions his 18 months of power, has been somewhat discussion India of the social tensions and intolerance in over rising concern
  • Mr. Narendra Modi has been known as a brilliant public speaker, it is very popular among the Indian community abroad – 60,000 people are expected to fill the Wembley Stadium to hear him speak

Mody UK visit: protest Indian prime minister I say is not a welcome

Sikhs, were gathered outside the Downing Street to protest the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the UK what Nepali and Tamirudemo hundreds of Thursday (November 12). After Modi is damage election failure visits back occurs, we expect it to be to be a boost to his authority bring one billion of trade agreements dollar.

People in the crowd of Whitehall, was accused him of chanting and human rights violations against the Indian prime minister. Protest Bigyan Brasai is the red carpet and criticized the United Kingdom in order to roll out for Narendra Modi, Cameron told needed to put him in the pressure in order to stop blockade the road to Nepal.

“Britain should not look to the only political, commercial aspects. Britain will raise the voice for the voiceless countries and people, there is a rich pride and culture of the glory of British values and culture in place, there are rude. They you [Narendra Modi], that it is wrong that what you’re doing, it is necessary to maintain the pressure, “he said.

Nepal has adopted a secular constitution in September. Protesters, Nationalist Party Hindu Narendra Modi, BJP has said it is trying to blockade of the route to the Himalayan country in order to put pressure on it to stay as the state of the Hindu. Nepal protest Kapil Rijal Cameron has now said that it should help to find a diplomatic solution.

“Britain is a democratic country. We are able to express themselves here, I David Cameron, when to do something, and I hope you have a talk about these issues.There, resolved by diplomacy, we can not be construed as not be able to need something to be done. we we need to talk of diplomacy going on, “he said.

Protesters, Narendra Modi is, some of the banner by drawing him in Adolf Hitler with a swastika, was said to have committed human rights violations.

“Ten Dale South Asia live in this country, background people, there is a British national of thousands. Do we, What is but he to be able to make all of Narendra Modi what are you go you know. He is complicit in war crimes. We are very that he is welcome, we are very angry here, speak in our parliament and is shaking hands with the Queen, also increased, thing with a sort of tomorrow’s party. We are very angry about it. Why do we do you have to celebrate this criminal? “Tamil protest Sanam it says.

Thus Salman Rushdie, Ian McEwan and more than 200 writers, including well-known authors, such as Nikita Lalwani is, to Cameron to urge him to raise concerns about their meeting in India of freedom of expression I signed the open letter. Group of counter demonstration waving British and Indian flags, were separated by a barrier of near Downing Street.

Narendra Modi is the first Indian prime minister from 2006 to visit the UK. He addressed to the British Parliament in the afternoon (November 12) on Thursday, we will dedicate a wreath to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the Congress Square.