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What it takes to be a middle class person in India 2016!

Thus, spoke Dr. Ambedkar,

I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality and fraternity”.

When you belong to an average earning middle class family, you are the one who will strive for all amenities for the rest of your lives and will pass on the same struggle to your upcoming generations. The plight of the middle class general category people is the most remised problem as of now. Although this is the most neglected issue often talked about, the struggles of a middle class person is no less than a painful tale of someone, who puts in immense hard work, efforts and dedication to earn something, which may also be out of his reach, with advance reservations for specific groups of society.

This new year, apart from talking about our resolutions, let’s throw some light on the reformations that are now very necessary for this year to be a ‘happy new year’ for the middle class category of our society.

How to deal with it when every day you see all benefits moving to the bags of the rich high class society or the lower class groups? The only question that crops up is who is less privileged? The middle class parents who work hard to put their children to good schools or the parents who know that there are a fixed number of seats waiting for their kids.

indian-middle-class-family-2016Discrimination against groups of citizens based on race, religion, language, or national origin has long been a problem with which the societies have dealt. However, the society does not remain static. With the advancement, modernization and industrialization, the advantages of the special provisions is increasingly becoming a problem for the general category. It is an evident fact that with the addition of reservations for OBCs , even in the premier institutes like the IITs, IIMs and AIIMS, a large portion of the available seats will be reserved. Getting into colleges based on merit rather than caste is something that needs to be highly promoted. Otherwise, the general category will only suffer because neither can they rely on donations like the high class nor can can they bag the reservations.

Not only admissions, when it comes to purchasing subsidized food and fuel, India’s public distribution system operates based on the ration card, including its functions of identity, eligibility, and entitlement. Only three categories, extreme poverty level, below poverty line and above poverty line are entitled to receive this facility. Now the question arises that if the economic status of the family is taken into account, then why is it assumed that the middle class categories are highly privileged.

With the falling economy and the escalating costs of everything from groceries to petrol, how can a middle class expect to do something different for his family? With a meek salary that can hardly even cover the electricity bills, taxes, and EMIs , the middle class man faces obstructions at every step. Each month end, they have to struggle because there is simply no money left, no money to save, and no money to buy anything. Interest rates on loans are rising day by day; insurance premiums had never before been so costly; so now the middle class man finds himself deep in debts and loans. When some rich kid is spending money on an international trip, a middle class man is counting every penny he earned that day.

On the top of everything, the middle class will have to deal with social issues where most people think that if someone is middle class then his ideas and thoughts will also be middle class. Everyone is aware is that the high class society is given the facility of free access to airport lounge, while the middle class just waits for the discounted airfares to plan a trip. This is nothing less than a kind of discrimination only.

It is only the middle class who knows how it feels to live each moment worrying about the expenditures and savings; how to get through the month or the week, the chances of getting a raise or bonus on specific occasions, how to repay a loan and many more anxieties.

The biggest problem is- He is not a rich, upper class businessperson with an Audi, who does not bother about the escalated price of petrol nor is he a member of a poor downtrodden family who has access to Government aids and facilities and has hundreds of NGOs to support them.

The middle class category is the one who is just stuck in the middle. He cannot afford to buy things that are within the easy reach of the powerful people, and his pride and modesty does not let him beg someone to pull him out of these issues.

With the advent of the New Year 2016, the Government will have dozens of plans for the lower class categories; the rich upper class will enjoy their time out on international trips with access to exquisite luxurious services while the middle class will have New Year resolutions on how to curb the expenditure, how to plan the next year savings and so on.

Of course, it can be a happy new year 2015 for them if the government can launch some beneficial plans for them. The “dream” of a house, a healthy and happy family, and a splendid career is the dream of every middle class; what the Government can really do is make it a happy year for them every year and drive them a little closer to the accomplishment of their dreams. Greater challenges and obstacles in life accompany every New Year. The authorities can help the middle class to overcome these hurdles and can make their lives easier. Hoping these things are taken care of, the unreserved category might celebrate the next New Year with more joy and prosperity.

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