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Home » Spirituality » Meat, Egg, Chicken, Fish or Being Vegetarian?

Meat, Egg, Chicken, Fish or Being Vegetarian?

Being Vegetarian

There is a wide debate as to whether it is better to be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. Food is no exception and at a subtle level, it too is made up of the Sattva, Raja and Tama subtle components. The proportions of these subtle components vary depending on the type of food. Sattva stands for purity and knowledge while tama denotes ignorance and inertia. Anything that has a higher Sattva component assists our spiritual journey and anything that is Tama predominant has a tendency to diminish or obstruct our spiritual practice. These readings are an average across each food category. Fish is included in non-vegetarian food and has marginally less Tama component than white and red meat. The food within a category differs marginally from each other. For example mutton and chicken in the non-vegetarian category differ marginally from each other in terms of their Sattva, Raja and Tama components.

The reason for the increased Tama in meat after the animal dies is because of the extent of suffering when it is being killed. Also the thoughts of anger and revenge in the animal are far more pronounced as compared to a plant which has a rudimentary mind and intellect. This is the main reason for the increased Tama component.

As you can see from the above table a vegetarian diet would have a higher proportion of the subtle Sattva component. As a result of the Tama predominance in meat, the act of eating non-vegetarian food is a taamasik activity.

But….The Debt

#The *real* essence of being vegetarian is Ahimsa (non-violence). Since you have to survive, you *have* to eat something. The animals have 5 senses and the plants have only 2. So, eating plants is lesser evil than an animal. Please bear that this is *over over over* simplification of what is present in ancient Jain literature.

Some cold countries meats give a the needed warmth. “Vegetarianism” was a concept only in India which is a hot country and there was no need of animal fat. No part of the world is vegetarian except India. I still believe mans (seen as an animal) body is suited for non-vegetarian food cos our body has the necessary enzymes to digest meat. In-fact meat is easily digestible than highly fibrous vegetables. That is why unlike cows we can’t eat grass. Our prehistoric ancestors must definitely have been meat eaters. Though we are “humans” we are animals.

Being an Egalitarian

An egg that has not been fertilized cannot result in birth of a new animal.

Hence, I argue that such eggs are intelligently labelled and considered vegetarian.

It is people who cannot accept this cry foul.

Cruelty is a different issue.

#Try and tell an Indian that drinking mil is cruel and the process results in killing malwe calfs etc. They will not believe you as they refuse to consider any evidence that means they are wrong.

They also could never accept an egg is vegetarian, even though no new life would result.

May be they believe that when a women uses contraception, she is killing life – her eggs have a potential for life. Oh dear if she is not pregnant all her life, has she killed life?

Just for the record, since some people seem to confuse these two, vegetarians *do* drink milk, eat cheese, etc. A vegetarian is one who does not eat *meat*.

Being a Vegan

#A *vegan* on the other hand is one who does not eat anything that comes from the body of an animal.

Either way, we mustn’t become caught up in labels or the fear of betraying the labels we’ve given ourselves. Classifying yourself as something doesn’t make you special; so you shouldn’t be ashamed to contradict your supposed pigeon-hole.

Eat what you want: if that happens to be only veggies except for eggs, or only veggies, or only veggies except for fish – whatever. Just keep it real.

# Now according to my thinking about eggs and after reading some topic on egg I would like to say that one can eat egg if he or she has chicken at home and the egg is an unfertilised one. Also its true about the eggs produced today that is:

In poultry farms, hens are considered no better than egg-producing machines. They are confined to a narrow space of 15″ x 19″ in the midst of several hardships and tensions that are naturally passed on to the blood and system of those who eat their eggs and turn them into imbalance personalities. Chickens are housed in small-congested cages known as chicken havens. Due to shortage of space, they naturally become violent, offensive, obsessed and quarrelsome. They attack one another in a barbarous manner. So they are DE-beaked. Due to DE-beaking, they are unable even to drink water.

But all the cause of this problem is business.The business people wants to earn money and people have more demand then supply so the business people have to produce egg as quickly as possible to meet the demand and in turn the animals like cows and hens have to pay for milk and eggs.

In olden days people used to have cows and hens at their home so at that time it was good that people are getting milk without any pain to cows. But due to this modern world all this is happening and this is the main reason why people are confused about eating egg and milk because now they cant keep cows and hens in their beautiful house or society.

#Vegetarianism is the practice of a diet that excludes all animal, including poultry, game, fish, shellfish or crustacea, and slaughter by-products.The reasons for choosing vegetarianism may be related to morality, religion, culture, ethics, aesthetics, environment, society, economy, politics, taste, or health.

There are several variants of the diet, some of which also exclude eggs and/or some products produced from animal labor such as dairy products and honey. Veganism, for example, excludes all animal products from diet. By some strict definitions, animal products are not used for attire either, whether or not the production of clothing or items has directly involved the actual death of an animal (dairy, eggs, honey, wool, silk, down feathers, etc.).A generic term for both vegetarianism and veganism, as well as for similar diets, is “plant-based diets”.

Properly planned vegetarian diets have been found to satisfy the nutritional needs for all stages of life, and large-scale studies have shown vegetarianism to significantly lower risks of cancer, ischemic heart disease, and other diseases.

# Do you remember as a child your mother telling you not to eat cakes or pastries that had eggs because you are a vegetarian? Many times I have heard people saying, eggs are vegetarian food and are good for health so we eat it. The myth about vegetarian eggs and its health-promoting qualities are misleading. Its consumption by so many vegetarians is really shocking. The ignorance of such matter has spread so far that people resist believing that an egg has potential life and that an egg has an unborn chick within its shell. Man’s desires for food has made him go to extremes and leading him to eat those foods that are coloured with violence and pain. Nature has its reason for eggs, not by way of food for man but as an important link in the reproductive system of hens. It is the craving for violent food that actually numbs the feeling and thinking capacity of the human being. He ignores going deep into the subject and shuns the truth of the matter. But how long will he remain in darkness? For facts are facts and they will never change whether he accepts it or not. Let us look at some facts about eggs and remove the ignorance that prevails in our mind. The facts you are about to read are taken from the book Hundred Facts about Eggs by Dr. Nemi Chand.

Eggs of all birds are structurally alike (See the McDonald Encyclopaedia of Birds of the World, Page 30-31). Their internal structure is meant for reproduction of progeny and not for human consumption. By eating eggs, man has reverted to the hunting stage of his civilization. He is meddling both with nature and with the reproductive system. The egg is totally forbidden for those who believe in non-violence. Right from the rearing of hens to the hatching of their eggs, there is violence all over. A visit to any poultry farm will support this fact. In poultry farms, hens are considered no better than egg-producing machines. They are confined to a narrow space of 15″ x 19″ in the midst of several hardships and tensions that are naturally passed on to the blood and system of those who eat their eggs and turn them into imbalance personalities. Chickens are housed in small-congested cages known as chickenhavens. Due to shortage of space, they naturally become violent, offensive, obsessed and quarrelsome. They attack one another in a barbarous manner. So they are de-beaked. Due to de-beaking, they are unable even to drink water. Do we not realise the cause of our present widespread complexes, aggressiveness and suffering in the chicken-havens? As mentioned earlier, hens are de-beaked to prevent them from fighting and wounding one another. The de-beaking is done in brown light, especially during the night when hens become almost blind. The lower beak is cut. If any mistake is made, the hen is deprived of food for the rest of her life. The hen has to starve at least for three days due to the wounded beak. Wouldn’t this act of cruelty affect the egg-eater?

Hens are given five kinds of violent-generating foods: bone meal, blood-meal, excreta-food, meat-meal and fish-meal. Can we dare to call eggs vegetarian food even after learning this? The term vegetarian egg is a first-rate misnomer. The purpose of a fertile egg is to animate life, but an infertile egg has no such purpose and as such should be considered totally inedible.

Battery and factory eggs are harmful to health. It is better that we abstain ourselves from eating them. The egg produced without any contact with the male bird (and thus producing an infertile egg) is also animate because it is born out of the hen’s body with its blood and cells. Therefore, its consumption is 100% non-vegetarian. According to the famous American scientist Mr. Philip J. Scamble, no egg is without life in it. The scientists at Michigan University in America have proven it beyond doubt that no egg – fertile or infertile – is without life (inanimate). The hen gives infertile eggs during the absence of the male bird. But it has been observed that she gives an infertile egg before the day of contact with the male bird – and also the next day. In other words, she can give a fertile egg even without contact with a male bird. On the fifth day, again she gives a fertile egg. This means that the semen of the male bird remains lying in her body for a considerable duration. In some cases, this duration has been observed to be as long as even six months. A fertilized egg is a per-birth stage of a chicken; unfertilized eggs are the result of the sexual cycle of a hen and very unnatural. Both are non-vegetarian food. Victoria Moran, the author of the book Compassion: The Ultimate Ethics says, to eat fertilized egg is in fact to consume a chicken before its birth (The Ethic on borderline). I was told that an unfertilized egg is the product of a bird’s sexual cycle and can hardly be regarded as natural food for Man. Whether the egg is fertile or infertile, life is essentially there; and it has all the symptoms of life, such as respiration, brain, feeding ability, etc. There are 15,000 porous-breathing holes on the shell, the cover of the egg. The egg begins to rot at a temperature of less than 8^ Celsius, 00^ Fahrenheit. When it begins this process, its rotting manifests itself through evaporation of the water content. The egg becomes infected by germs and thus becomes diseased. The progress of the rotting soon reaches the shell of the egg.

Eggs contain cholesterol in large quantities. The yellow bulk of the egg is the major source of cholesterol. Cholesterol narrows down the arteries and may eventually lead to a heart attack or to paralysis. Eating eggs may also lead to rheumatism and gout that can cause serious and painful joints in old age.

All the above facts lead to prove that eggs are not vegetarian and so let us re-think about the issue of eggs and realize that a balanced vegetarian diet contains an abundance of health protecting nutrients and fibres without eggs.

Trap: # Even if you eat nothing that comes from an animal, you are still involved in killing animals and native plants from the land that was converted to an agricultural use to produce your vegetarian food. Animal killing continues by spraying pesticides to protect your future salad. You can say it is a lesser evil, but you should never be free of guilt. The debate if eggs are OK or not makes no sense in this context.

Lets Stop the Discussion

noun /ˌvejiˈte(ə)rēən/
vegetarians, plural
A person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal products, esp. for moral, religious, or health reasons
adjective /ˌvejiˈte(ə)rēən/
Of or relating to the exclusion of meat or other animal products from the diet
– a vegetarian restaurant

There are plenty more definitions for the word on the internet, but the general meaning seems to be “exclusion of meat and fish from the diet”.

So why are eggs included the non-vegetarian section? It is neither meat nor fish. It is an animal product such as milk and honey which are completely acceptable to vegetarians. Eggs being non-vegetarian is blindly accepted without thinking why.

The common reasoning seems to be that eggs are non-vegetarian because it has potential for life.
Chicken eggs are unfertilized when they’re laid. Hens have the ability to lay eggs without any contact with the male bird. Therefore an unfertilized egg contains an embryo which under the right circumstances could generate life. Eggs meant for consumption do not meet these circumstances. No life is killed.

A seed could become a tree, but not every seed gets planted.

When you look at the contents of the egg, the white is 10% proteins in water and the yolk contains fat and cholesterol needed to nourish the embryo. Again, it is like a seed that holds the nutrients needed for a plant to develop.

There may be moral or ethical reasons to not eat eggs (such as inhumane chicken-rearing methods) or you might just not like the taste. But by definition, eating eggs does not make you a non-vegetarian.

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