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Illegal Marriage


The conversion will be married as soon as illegal

Illegal Marriage
Illegal Marriage

#Cosmoread: Kuala Lumpur Shariah court case to change the religion of the No. 1 partner, PTI: A Malaysian landmark appellate court ruled. The court said that the couple married in one of the conversion cases involving the jurisdiction of Sharia courts do not. Hindu became Muslim after marrying a guy and his ex-wife’s verdict on a petition. Ijwan Abdullah and raising children has the right to acquire the S Deepa had approached the court. The bench at marriage, both were Hniduu. After accepting Islam, one of the couple’s divorce and children’s rights in such cases have the right to the hearing. According to Islamic law, the Sharia court to being married could hear such cases. XIII
Pakistan’s religious journey from Haridwar brought about three thousand Pakistani visas expired visas are not ready to return home after. He has sought a visa extension. That journey had come to Haridwar, but later moved to Jodhpur after worship. They are now staying with relatives. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on Monday during a visit to Jodhpur These people met him and explained my problem. The chief minister assured the camps. He said that the government will apply in Jodhpur camp and then will be sent to the central government. Frontier Works Organization Hniduu Singh Sodha Chairman assured the Chief Minister said that Pakistani migrants to open a bank account will be written to the RBI governor and the finance minister will meet the chief himself. The people of Pakistan on religious visas Jodhpur Thar Express train journey to reach different areas of the country and then come back to live in Jodhpur.
Pakistan is concerned with a provision in the law of marriage Hindu, subsection aside

Fear of abuse:

A leading Pakistani organization Hindu controversial marriage bill, according to which it is sought to remove subsection of a couple married when the conversion automatically, shall be deemed invalid. It is feared that the forced conversions of minority women in society make Hindu act will strengthen Pakistan Hindu Council patron Ramesh 0.1 per Venkwani Hindu community is concerned with this provision of the bill. According to this provision, any woman or man changes his religion, marital relationship will end. The ruling PML (N) MP Venkwani the enactment of the legislation is there’ll be a formidable problem in rural Sindh. The weak position of minorities in these areas. There is often Hindu women kidnapped and then they are submitted to the court when she married a Muslim man to have certificates. The new law will not benefit from these abducted women. Hindu living in Pakistan for a long time are seeking to legislate marriage. They believe that women will get rid of torture, forced conversion. However, the draft law of this subsection Hniduu community is apprehensive about the threat that women will remain. Hindu says that their community is not practiced matrimonial law, divorce as a custom. Once considered the controversy over the relationship of the spouse alive can not break. Legal affairs committee of the Pakistani parliament approved the bill is. However, the controversy has gone up on the committee’s Nasreen Jalil Hindu community now has decided to consult with the people. Meanwhile, the head of the parliamentary committee to look into Islamic beliefs MP Maulana Mohammad Khan Shirani not alter any of the provisions of the Bill is to be uttered .