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Vijay Mallya

Mallya’s personal jet will be auctioned, turned the newspaper interview released by email


Mallya’s personal jet will be auctioned, turned the newspaper interview released by email

#Cosmoread: Nine thousand million debts to the Vijay Mallya are expected to increase in the coming time and trouble. Bank the Government is also preparing to auction the property for Mallya. The Businessmen of the Airbus ACJ 319 personal jet which is also included. 812 crore through service tax and the government will charge a penalty. However, the agency did not appear for questioning before they are can be also canceled his passport. Kingfisher is also preparing to sell five smaller ATR.

  • Five Little Kingfisher Airlines ATR and Airbus, the government plans to sell three helicopters.
  • Service Tax department has already seized the company’s airlines.
  • Please tell the airline from 2012 is closed. The banks that are charging Rs 9,000 crore.
    How will the government collect?
  • A standard Airbus A319 is the base price at Rs 600 crore.
  • Service tax of Rs 812 crore, the company owes.
  • Charges that were made to the company for up to 32 million passenger. But it was not stored in the Service Department.
  • Following the Department last year Mallya had sought permission to arrest.
  • However, the Mumbai Metropolitan Court dismissed the appeal of arrest.

Mallya’s passport could be canceled why?

  • ED Mallya has been summoned for questioning on March 18.
  • Mallya has been summoned for questioning in the money laundering case. If they are not here can recommend cancellation of the passport directorate.
    Mallya denied the interview released by the paper E-mail
  • Mallya Tuesday refused any interviews.
  • Mallya tweeted, ‘The Sunday Guardian claiming that it is seeing that I’m Shocked protonmail account of her interview. Such mail is not ever heard about before. ”
  • In the interview on behalf of Mallya said that he was on leave. He said, “Now is not the right time to return to India. ”
  • Followed by The Sunday Guardian match Mallya has released details of the talks.
    The court issued warrants 5 and non-Belebl
  • Hyderabad court against Vijay Mallya and other non-Belebl 5 and warrants issued.
  • The Czech bounced and fraud case warrants are issued on the petition of the GMR Group.
  • The group complained that KFA, Mallya and payment is not paid by the Czech bounced.
  • Court appearance on March 29, Mallya has ordered.
    Jaitley asked Congress consist of what fled Mallya? 5 questions put forward to the Government
    The country once again leaving Congress government is targeted.
  • Arun Jaitley on Monday charged the Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala.
  • Before leaving the country, Mallya said Jaitley had met? 5 on the controversy by asking Congress government Cordon.
  • Surxavala “The Modi government to bring back black money from abroad during elections promised. But it is not. ”
  • ” Modi and Vijay Mallya as being the gateway to escape from the country. ”

Modi asked the Congress these 5 questions

1- Mallya, the Indian government will put pressure on the government to hand over to the UK? 9 thousand crores of people will be able to achieve what the government?

2 Mallya March 1 to meet finance minister Arun Jaitley and the Finance Secretary. Jaitley what he was told about his meeting? What they tell Parliament?

3 Mallya to catch the lookout notice was issued, giving him information lookout notice why the CBI has made. For what purpose was it?

4- Enforcement Directorate (ED) Mallya was summoned to appear before it. The Court has issued a warrant against him for non-Belebl. Yet Mallya went out of the country?

5- Diageo (owner of United Spirits) Mallya Rs 515 crore ($ 75 million) deal that he had to withdraw from the company’s board. Of this, $ 40 million have access to Mallya’s account. How the government would get the money?

Mallya said personal tour is not the right time to return to India

  • Mallya said in an interview with The Sunday Guardian-the “now is not the right time to return to India because the country made me the villain is going.”
  • “I have a friend from Delhi have gone out on a private tour. These businesses do not visit. “
  • “A lookout circular against me over the past year, but I do not leave the country ran. Now I’m being forced to hide.”
  • “Business is a risk; it was seeing the bank’s loan.”
  • ” I am Indian by heart. Of course I want to come back. ‘
  • ” But I do not know when the right opportunity for me to speak. ‘
  • ” I hope that one day will come back. ”
  • ‘India has given me everything. It made me Vijay Mallya. (Read whole news Mallya said what)
5 The Court has issued warrants and non-Belebl
  • A court in Hyderabad is not present in the case of loan-linked cheating non Belebl warrant has been issued against Mallya.
  • Meanwhile, HD Deve Gowda support Mallya has said, ‘are not part Mallya, the airlines are losing these days and I do not understand, such as the International Bijnsman is targeting. They are worthy of Karnataka. ‘
ED notice to 17 banks
  • ED on Friday gave notice to 17 banks. Those to submit details of loans given to Kingfisher Airlines said.
  • Former CFO A Raghunathan with Mallya Airlines is also asked to present.
  • Earlier in the Rajya Sabha, Leader of Apojisn Azad questioned the CBI’s role. He said, ‘CBI in October 2015. A lookout notice issued against Mallya, why change? Advisory Diten them to be changed to give information to just why the movement? ‘
  • Priya Pillai Azad questioned Greenpeace activist was detained at the airport by the government, while a court order against them was not. The government Mallya court orders in the case argue that because they could not be stopped.
Mallya was extremely weak against the CBI notice
  • Vijay Mallya-owned Kingfisher Airlines was running. The company’s losses continued to grow year-on-year. They take loans from banks are.
  • They have outstanding debt of Rs 9,000 crore. His trademarks were seized. But could not complete the recovery.
  • Debt recovery tribunal earlier this month, the banks and then moved the Supreme Court.
  • But on Wednesday the Supreme Court during the hearing, the lawyers said Mallya Kae government has fled the country on March 2.
  • Mallya CBI is investigating. Through the Indian Embassy in London will face action efforts.
  • Now it is revealed that the CBI against Mallya look-out notice was issued in October 2015. But it was so weak that the advisory was not taken into custody Mallya.
Rajya Sabha on March 1, March 2, London, from which flight took off from Delhi?
  • RS attendance records are present in the Rajya Sabha on March 1 Vijay Mallya. The next day, on March 2, he managed to flee the country.
  • Jet Airways flight from Delhi on March 2, he went to London. Joining them was a woman.
  • These Mallya’s second term as the MP. For the first time in 2002 and then in 2010. It was the second time from Karnataka as an Independent candidate Elect.
  • His term as MP will be completed in July this year.
  • Mallya member of Parliament’s two committees. Aviation Affairs Committee attached to the commerce of the other.
The agency raised the question why?
  • CBI on October 16, 2015, a look-out circular issued against Mallya. The number DPBSM / 2015/724 / RCNSM 2015 E 0006 was.
    November – a new circular. This time the number 1049 / RCBSM / 2015 / E0006 was.
  • The first circular was referring to the fact that the immigration authorities if they try to leave the country Mallya make Diten.
  • The second condition of circular Diten Mallya was deleted was referring to just monitor their movements.
  • Due to a change in a month, the circular in question is the CBI.
  • The agency said in a statement that the lower level of official detention order was issued because of a mistake.
    515 crore has already stopped to look at the deal, there were still 275 million?

  • Debt Recovery Tribunal Mallya on Monday Diajio company from $ 75 million (515 cr.), Stayed on giving.

  • Diajio quit against Mallya, chairman of United Spirits, it was agreed to give the money.
  • Tribunal of the State Bank was withheld until the matter is resolved debt.
  • But Mallya The deal has already received Rs 275 crore.
  • Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi told the apex court that the 17 banks Kansortiam Mallya prohibiting payment of 515 million deals to deliver the Tribunal, by then it was too late.