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Home » Featured » Mallya election affidavit of 615 million property stated, referring to the hidden debt

Mallya election affidavit of 615 million property stated, referring to the hidden debt

Mallya election affidavit of 615 million property stated, referring to the hidden debt


#Cosmoread: Vijay Mallya debtors of banks to 9 thousand crore have left the country. Now the Election Commission in 2010 revealed that in the affidavit was declared Mallya 615 crore property. Surprisingly, that Mallya debt (liability) in the column written Thakferari zero and gave information about the jewlery.

  • Mallya, a Rajya Sabha MP. Elect for the second time in 2010. He was the Upper House.
  • Mallya Election Commission who gave the affidavit with the Ferrari 615 million property, jewelry, bonds and debentures were briefed.
  • Mallya said that they are just 9500 rupees cash. According to the affidavit, Mallya has a home and land. He was also denied talk of debt.
    Mallya told and what?
  • Mallya said in the affidavit that his 4 million in bank deposits.
  • It was also pointed out that they have 591 million bonds and debentures. Shares of the companies in which they sought to have their own.
  • His 84th position in 2013, were on the Forbes list. He said that Rs 25 lakh in 1989, he bought a Ferrari model.
  • Jewelry worth about 4 million of the insurance policies were declared Rs 13.50 lakh.
  • Investment of Rs 14 crore was also mentioned in the affidavit.
    Left the country on diplomatic passports
  • Vijay Mallya had a diplomatic passport from Delhi to London. However, the suspense is still the woman who was supposed to travel with them.
  • Kingfisher Airlines in Mumbai Headquarters to recover the debt auctions, banks have more options exist.
  • Mallya Jet Airways flight from Delhi to London on March 2 said.
    Rajya Sabha member from Karnataka
  • They are members of the Rajya Sabha from Karnataka. MPs and diplomatic passport for his wife or husband is traveling.
  • The passport is issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Every MP has to apply for it separately.
  • It is one of three types of passports. Navy blue cover with ordinary people get passports.
  • Official passport is white. It is issued to government officials.
  • Diplomatic passport color is maroon. Diplomatic passport is easy to get through the visa.
  • Please tell the Rajya Sabha as it is Mallya’s second term.
  • For the first time in 2002 and then in 2010. It was the second time from

Karnataka as an Independent candidate Elect.

  • His term as MP will be completed in July this year.
  • Mallya member of Parliament’s two committees. Aviation Affairs Committee attached to the commerce of the other.
  • Mallya UK also have a 28-year resident. In many countries they have business visa.
    Banks just what options?

  • 17 banks, Mallya had a loan of 7,000 million. Following the interest has total liability of Rs 9091 crore.

  • 5500 crore to Mallya’s free assets can target bank.
  • If Mallya-operate unless their assets may be seized by court order.
  • Until now, banks have been selling shares of United Spirits, Rs 1244 crore.
  • The amount withheld from the court is free, banks can raise up to Rs 2494 crore.
  • Mallya’s United Breweries shares of Rs 6724 crore. Of this, Rs 3496 crore shares of the banks can be found.
  • Mallya’s UB Holdings is the holding of Rs 72 crore. Of this, Rs 62 crore to banks can be found.
  • Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilisers Kraed Rs 25.74 now account for Mallya. Of this, Rs 21 crore bank can achieve.
  • Rs 150 crore in Mumbai Kingfisher Airlines Headquarters House can come from the cell. The auction is scheduled for March 17.
  • Liquor King Kingfisher Villa in Goa property can get Rs 90 crore.
    Which flight took off from Delhi?
  • According to the attendance record, the Rajya Sabha, the Upper House on March 1, was at Vijay Mallya. The next day, on March 2, he managed to flee the country.
    -malya Jet Airways flight from Delhi to London.
  • Twenty-twelve o’clock in the morning on March 2, he called the airline and they are going to travel a little after noon, 15-minute flight 9W122 plane left London.
  • They travel in the first class of the Boeing 777-300. He was 7 of 11 bags. With them was a woman.
  • Coffee and snacks were given to them and their female partners.
  • Mallya seemed to have been depressed in the lounge. He also tried to take a nap. However, many people flocked to meet him. This is because they could not relax.

Mallya woman went to London with what?

  • Who was the girl with Mallya, individual reports are coming out about it.
  • According to an English newspaper, with Mallya had a famous model or actor, with whom they often appear. They did not seem too much, nor did it face Young whom everybody knows.
  • The Mail Today report, people close to the old socialite and Mallya to know them.
    Where Mallya now?
  • Vijay Mallya is said that an hour’s drive from London Baker Street in the Town of Hrtforshayr Tavin of living in a villa.
  • It is known to Ledivok bungalow. Mallya bought it in July 2015 was 1.5 million pounds.
  • When a group of channels on Thursday reached out to the villa are in first staff Mallya said. Later he was asked to go to the media team.
  • Some neighbors claimed to see Mallya two days ago.
  • A neighbor said they are regular in a nearby pub. Force India of tomorrow logo black Audi car, a woman came to meet him here. ‘

DB ANALYSIS: CBI knew Mallya will go abroad?

The agency knew that Vijay Mallya, who flee the country, but they have not been arrested. It also raises questions that look out notice against the person have been issued since October, how can four times abroad? dainikbhaskar.com are told to answer these questions, CBI director Joginder Singh, former, former civil aviation secretary, former chairman of the AI. Roy Paul and defense and security analyst, p. Bakshi. Not by private jet, airline, Mallya went abroad.

1 # Mallya case when a circular was issued and when changed?
  • CBI on October 16, 2015, a lookout circular issued against Mallya. The number DPBSM / 2015/724 / RCNSM 2015 E 0006 was.
    November – a new circular. This time the number 1049 / RCBSM / 2015 / E0006 was.
  • The first circular was referring to the fact that the immigration authorities if they try to leave the country Mallya make Diten.
  • The second condition of circular Diten Mallya was deleted. Was referred to just monitor their movements.
  • The agency said in a statement that the lower level of official detention order was issued because of a mistake in the first circular.
3 # How often went abroad Mallya four times?
  • According to news agency PTI, Mallya went abroad in the last week of October 2015 and returned in November.
  • Mallya foreign visits in last week of December.
  • In January, the third time he visited abroad.
  • He then went to London for the fourth time on March 2.
  • Change in the CBI has a lookout circular immigration authorities have made no attempt to stop Mallya.
  • However, whenever he went abroad, the information given to CBI Authority.
# 3 What is the lookout notice or circular? Execution How is it?
  • Look out notice or circular, police or security agencies can issue. It is given to the immigration authorities, so that would prevent a person from leaving the country.
  • Look out notice against you or circular immigration clearance at the airport so you can not. The counter is stopped.
  • Notice is usually issued when the court has issued an arrest warrant to be placed. The circular is issued to monitor.
  • The notice contains a section which tells you what action would the Immigration

Czech Point?

  • It consists of four points. First of the arrival or departure of the person concerned to give information to the agencies. Second, be sure that the person’s travel documents seized.
  • Third, leaving the person to go to India or to prevent his entry. Fourth take the person into custody immediately.
# 4 What the government did not know? Agencies could not stop them?

Charge: Congress has raised the same question. Rahul Gandhi and Ghulam Nabi Azad said the government sent Mallya. Mallya, who is not a needle in sight for both.
Rescue: The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on March 2 a lookout notice against Vijay Mallya was not. While banks had to go to court.
DB Experts: in October 2015 Look Out Circular against Mallya said. But to stop this notice, Mallya had no advisory. CBI has a total staff of 5,300. Which will he pursue? In this case, the government was not serious.

# 5 Why a question of the government?
  • One day before the government lawyer Mallya were crying out to escape. Mallya, a day after he fled on March 2.
  • Lawyer Prashant Bhushan said the CBI knew Mallya part, so why did not act?
# 6 private plane what those benefits?
  • So when his private plane to take the air defense clearance.
  • Out of the country to the plane from the Air Force and ATC clearance is given.
  • That is going to have to tell? How much fuel is that? How many people?
  • It is also Prilimnri Inkwoyri cases against people going into that plane are not running?
7 # Lalit Modi and what is the same in the case of Vijay Mallya?
  • Mallya took over the debt and the interest charged by banks to leave the country is accused of Rs 9091 crore.
  • The Lalit Modi IPL corruption and money laundering charges.
  • He is in London. Mallya also were reported in London.
  • Both are cases of economic crime.
8 # Lalit Modi’s return did not return what Mallya?
  • He has been in London since 2010. Kaॅrnr Interpol red notice has not been issued yet.
  • Interpol has been meeting several times for it with ED.
  • Red Corner Notice is issued in order to know the location of the accused person in any country could arrest him.
  • After the arrest of the accused in the notice extradition process begins.
  • Modi’s return to the government’s efforts so far have failed.
  • So, Mallya will not bring back the government, it’s hard to say.
9 # Mallya lenders will happen?

Reality: Mallya took loans from banks and pay interest on it together to Rs 9091 crore. 1600 crore, SBI, PNB 800 crore, IDBI Bank Rs 800 crore and Rs 650 crore to Mallya of India are outstanding.
DB Experts: Banks do not expect to get the money back. Kingfisher to the bank’s existing property auctions also will not find them full recovery. In such cases, recovery is not even meet history. The question was only at banks. He lent Why? Why did the bank not to flee the court?
– Recently, the Supreme Court during the hearing of a case on the fact that banks had raged since 2013-14 is 1.14 lakh crore debt waiver.

# 10 on the banks of the CBI’s charge?
  • Allegations that Mallya 4 thousand crore of debt sent abroad. Sibiaai in July asked to contact the respective countries.
  • The agency says that in spite of repeated requests not filed complaint banks declared Mallya Fraud. The agency has registered a case on their own initiative.
  • According to media reports, Mallya private jet to leave the country on March 2 did. While leaving their luggage were 11.
  • Earlier on Monday, the Money Laundering Act, the ED had registered a case against Mallya.
  • The CFO A Kingfisher. Reghunathan and IDBI Bank also accused several unnamed officials.
11 # 515-crore deal has been stopped to look at, there were still 275 million?
  • Debt Recovery Tribunal Mallya on Monday on behalf of Diageo company $ 7.5 million (515 Cr.), Stayed on giving.
  • Diageo quit against Mallya, Chairman of United Spirits, it was agreed to give the money.
  • Tribunal of the State Bank was withheld until the matter is resolved debt.
  • But Mallya The deal has already received Rs 275 crore.
  • Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi told the apex court that the 17 banks Kanjortiam Mallya prohibiting payment of 515 million deal to deliver the Tribunal, by then it was too late.
  • Rohatgi said Diageo or about $ 4 million had been given Rs 275 crore to Mallya.
# 12 How Mallya owes banks?

Money (in Rs)
SBI -1600
PNB -800
IDBI -800
Bank of India 650
UBI -430
Central Bank -410
UCO Bank 320
Corporation Bank -310
State Bank of Mysore -150
Indian Overseas Bank -140
Federal Bank 90
Punjab and Sind Bank -60
Axis Bank -50