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Love on a Subatomic Scale


Love on a Subatomic Scale
Love on a Subatomic Scale

Quantum entanglement: Love on a subatomic scale

#Cosmoread: When talking about love and romance, people often get overlooked and mysterious connection.

Such connections are present as well in the subatomic world, a bizarre and counterintuitive phenomenon called quantum entanglement thanks.

The basic idea is that quantum entanglement of two particles separated by billions of light years of space familiar with each other can be connected, even if; A change in one will affect the other apostles.
In 1964, physicist John Bell has approved that such changes can be instantaneous, even if the particles are too far away. Bell’s theorem in modern physics is considered as an important consideration, but it seems to make little sense. After all, Albert Einstein was proven years ago that information cannot travel faster than the speed of light.

Indeed, Einstein famously described the phenomenon of entanglement as “spooky action at a distance.”
In the last half century, many researchers have experimented to test Bell’s theorem is intended to run. But they come up short, it needs sensitivity and performance with design and manufacture equipment is difficult to set up, NASA officials said.

Last year, however, three separate research groups were able to perform basic tests of Bell’s theorem, and for all those who supported the original idea.

One of those studies Krister Shalm, Boulder, Colorado in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) was led by a physicist.

They have no electrical resistance – Shalm colleagues and special metal strips for cooling to cryogenic temperatures, which makes them used superconducting. A photon hits the metal and turns it back for a split second in a common electrical conductor, and scientists can see that happen.

This technology researchers to see how, if at all, their measurements of a photon in an entangled photon pair is allowed affected.

The results, which were published in the journal Physical Review Letters, strongly supported Bell’s theorem.

“Two of our paper and others published last year showed that Bell was right: the world in any model of the hidden variable entangled particles affect each other at a distance which should allow for” co-author Francesco Marsili, NASA jet Propulsion laboratory in Pasadena (JPL), California, said in a statement.

The practical applications of this work are as well. “Superconducting nanowire single photon detectors” (SNSPDs) Shalm using group, which was created in NIST and JPL used in cryptography and can be used in deep space communications, NASA officials said.

NASA lunar dust environment and Environment Explorer (LADEE) mission, which orbited the moon from October 2013 to April 2014, the communication capability of performing some help.

LADEE lunar spacecraft and a ground-based laser communication performance SNSPDs components used with the same receiver. The experiment showed that the sensitive laser communications arrays that up too much data to be downloaded to and distant space probes would enable construction to be possible, NASA officials said.

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