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Is Islamic State Leader & Boko haram leader

IS (ISLAMIC STATE) and “Boko Haram” Similarities

Is (ISLAMIC STATE) and “Boko Haram” Similarities

 Is Islamic State killing people
Is Islamic State killing people

Tactics and crimes of terrorist groups IS (ISLAMIC STATE)  in Iraq and Syria and “Boko Haram” in Nigeria and Cameroon show the similarity of their ideas, goals and strategies. Two months after IS (ISLAMIC STATE) announced the creation of a caliphate on the territory under its control in Iraq, the formation of his caliphate and declared the “Boko Haram” in the north-eastern part of Nigeria.

Tactics and crimes of terrorist groups “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” IS (ISLAMIC STATE) ) in Iraq and Syria and “Boko Haram” in Nigeria and Cameroon show the similarity of their ideas, goals and strategies.

Second of September the British news agency Reuters, citing a source in the security forces of Nigeria and eyewitness reported: “The terrorists of the group” Boko Haram “attacked the town of Bama, 70 kilometers from Maiduguri, the administrative center of the state of Borno in Nigeria, where they engaged in murder and robbery “.

Although at first the Nigerian army has managed to push back the attackers, after a while the rebels were back in even greater numbers and captured most of the city.

Two months after the terrorist IS (ISLAMIC STATE) -Ba’athist group announced the creation of a caliphate on the territory under its control in Iraq, the formation of his caliphate and declared August 24 “Boko Haram” in the north-eastern part of Nigeria.

In parallel with the proclamation of the Caliphate “Boko Haram” armed groups of this group seized many towns in the countryside and part of the north-east of the country.

Terrorist group “Boko Haram” under the leadership of a certain Abubakar shek from the beginning of a new wave of their attacks in 2009 committed the murder of several thousand people and is considered the greatest threat to Nigeria’s known in the region as a major oil exporter.

boko haram
boko haram

According to the London newspaper Al-Arab in its issue dated 31 August, the armed forces group “Boko Haram”, attacked the Christian population of the country, once again forced the world community think about the ideological changes sweeping movements and the possibility of penetration of these movements in the neighboring states. However, civilized community, and this time did not have any plan to curb the actions of extremists.

Among other things, “Boko Haram” executed many times representatives of the Muslim population and destroyed many mosques and sacred tombs.

According to the same newspaper, these extremist groups in different parts of the world have much in common in terms of ideology and brutal reprisals against the local population. The existence of such similarities between radical terrorist groups in various countries suggests that they are pursuing the same goal, hoping to establish their dominance over all mankind.

Creating a group “Boko Haram”

The emergence of Salafi movements in Nigeria dates back to the second polovine70-ies. Then there was a group called “al-Azal bad’a igama wa al-Suna” (“Cancellation of innovation and restore the teachings of the Prophet”), which, for brevity called “Azal”. This group was formed under the leadership of Ismail Idris adherent of Salafism. Its purpose was to combat heresy and superstition, which are distributed by representatives of various Sufi currents.

In 1995, in the city of Maiduguri, Abubakar Lawan has created a group of “followers of the teachings of the prophet and migrants”, also known as the “Young Muslims”. Initially, this group represented only a propaganda move, until in 2002 he was not headed by Mohammed Yousef.

Later this association many times changed its name, being known as the “Movement Nigerian students”, “Migrants” or “al-Youssef.” Eventually, it became known as the “Society of adherents spread the teachings of the prophet and the jihad,” or simply “Boko Haram”. The creators of this group said that taking the responsibility to spread the teachings of the Prophet of Islam and perform Muslim laws in Nigeria, where half the inhabitants are Christians.

The group became famous for his fight against Western influence. With Hausa “Boko Haram” translates as “Western education is forbidden”. That is why the members of the group say they organize their terrorist attacks on ideological grounds.

For example, earlier this year, the leader of the “Boko Haram” after the abduction of nearly 300 students from a Nigerian school said that the girls learn is strictly prohibited. He published his appeal in one of social networks, which, in particular, wrote: “Instead of studying, would be better if they were married.”

The terrorist attacks of “Boko Haram”

Of course, now the entire world’s attention riveted on the IS (ISLAMIC STATE)  attacks in Iraq and Syria, but we can say that in terms of vandalism and massacres of civilians members of the group “Boko Haram” bypassed even representatives of  IS (ISLAMIC STATE) .

According to the Jordanian Natur Research Center on August 27, in the last few months, the terrorists of “Boko Haram” have committed the following crimes:

The attack on the village of Diehl and killing 37 residents (July 15)

The attack on the city of Kaduna and the killing of 75 people (23 of July)

The abduction of the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister of Cameroon Amado Ali and killing three more people (July 27)


The destruction of the bridge in the north-east Nigeria, killing eight people and a blast shopping center, which claimed the life of another person (29 July)

Attacks on villages and Duru Mafuru and murder of 20 inhabitants (August 19)

The attack on the educational center in northern Nigeria and the abduction of 35 police officers (24 of August)

Reasons to strengthen the group “Boko Haram” in Nigeria

Phenomena such as poverty, unemployment and corruption, facilitate the spread of the ideas of “Boko Haram” in Nigeria.

According Nature Research Center August 27, several factors, including a favorable geographical environment, led to the fact that the “Boko Haram” has chosen to base its Borno State in northeastern Nigeria and there has been agitation among the local people.

According to the same source, the growth of corruption and embezzlement from the treasury as well as the inefficiency of the government of Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is one of the reasons to strengthen the group “Boko Haram” in this country.

To strengthen the group also results in significant social and economic gap in Nigerian society. Thus, the economic resources and oil revenues are in the hands of influential people of the country, while other citizens are experiencing enormous difficulties in life.

Daily revenue nearly 20.9% of the 170 million population of Nigeria is two dollars this fact is plays a role in the growth of social discontent and strengthen the “Boko Haram”.

Another reason for this was the unsuccessful attempt of the Nigerian authorities to regulate the life of the Muslim population. For example, in the winter of this year, the government banned the wearing of the hijab (a head covering for women) in public schools.

According to some observers, the open support of the Government group of Christians, who make up more than 40% of the population of Nigeria, led to the rise of extremist movements among Muslims. Even goes so far, that the national media pay more attention to the crime of “Boko Haram” against the Christian population, while ignoring the attacks on members of the group of Muslims.

Now the majority of the members of the Nigerian government, including the president himself are Christians, but even when the power in the country was in the hands of Muslim politicians, the authorities neglected Islamic principles. In view of this group was able to assert itself as a defender of Islam and Muslims.

The similarity between the “Boko Haram” and  IS (ISLAMIC STATE)

Identity IS (ISLAMIC STATE)  action in Iraq and “God Haram” in Nigeria shows that the two terrorist organizations have a lot in common. Thus, both groups favor barbarism each other in terms of kidnappings and killings of civilians.

On August 23, a specialist Jamestown Foundation (USA) Jacob Zahn in an interview with the Yemeni site yemeneconomist.com said: “Judging by the excesses that create” Boko Haram “and IS (ISLAMIC STATE) , these extremist groups have much in common. “Boko Haram”, adhering to the Salafi ideology, committed the murder for several thousand people. As for the fighters of the “Islamic state”, then they, being just a fanatic, still continue to kill ordinary citizens of Iraq and Syria. ”

Analyst Research Centre Natur Kareem Said on August 27 in his article on the subject wrote: “The leader of the” Boko Haram “approves of the tactics and crime IS (ISLAMIC STATE)  in Iraq. In a video message on July 13, he turned to the leader of the IS (ISLAMIC STATE)  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of “Al-Qaeda” Ayman Al-Zawahiri, and the head of the “Taliban” and said: “My brothers! May God bless you! ”

Both groups are similar and those inhuman crimes that they commit.

In Nigeria, “Boko Haram” set fire to several villages inhabited by Christians and abducted 200 girls, which then treated like slaves,  In Iraq militants IS (ISLAMIC STATE)  executed by beheading hundreds of Yazidis and Christians living in Mosul, and their wives and daughters taken into captivity.

If members of the IS (ISLAMIC STATE)  beheaded dozens of people, including an American correspondent James Foley, the equally inhuman militants “Boko Haram” massacred at least 200 prisoners from the local inhabitants of the area Guz in Borno state in northeastern Nigeria.

In addition, there are multiple certificates on the terrorist attack on the two groups of Muslims, Shiites and Sunnis, and their murder on charges of impiety. It is also worth noting that, in imitation of the actions of the IS (ISLAMIC STATE)  in Iraq and Syria, August 24 “Boko Haram” announced the creation of an Islamic caliphate in Nigeria.

Following the statement, the three neighboring states of Nigeria (Cameroon, Niger and Chad) have announced their concerns about this. It seems that between IS (ISLAMIC STATE)  and “Boko Haram,” there is much in common in terms of ideological reasons, religious trends, objectives, strategies and methods for their implementation.

Since the “Boko Haram” IS (ISLAMIC STATE)  and make joint efforts to discredit the true Islam and thereby strengthen anti-Islamic and Islamophobic propaganda of the West, turns people away from this religion, you should soberly assess the danger from both of these groups.