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Know about Planned Parenthood – various methods of family planning

Planned Parenthood -Summary of a lecture delivered at the Regional Congress of the ECC

Two words - birth control!

1. The beginning of human life

For an analysis of family planning methods(planned parenthood) is important to know when there is the beginning of human life.

Every human being begins at conception, that is, when the egg is fertilized by sperm. The natural fertilization occurs in the tubes and the egg (fertilized egg) travels to the uterus to attach itself to the endometrium (uterine lining). The act of setting in the uterus gives the name of implantation. The time between fertilization and implantation is app. 7 to 10 days. Nidado Once the fetus is nourished by the umbilical cord and develops until birth.

2. Artificial methods of family planning (planned parenthood )

The artificial family planning(planned parenthood) methods are classified into hormone (pills, injectables and subdermal implant) spermicides (jellies and sponges), barrier (cervical cap, condom and diaphragm) and the mechanical action, combined or not with hormones (IUDs). Some even include surgical sterilization (tubal ligation and vasectomy) and abortion family planning methods.

Besides the side effects of all artificial methods, many of them cause abortion in the early stages of life, in the period of conception (fertilization) the fixing of the uterus (implantation).

Oral contraceptives present today in the market, known pills, have four mechanisms of action:

  1. produce a suspension of ovulation. In this case there is no fertilization and, therefore, work as a contraceptive;
  2. change the state of cervical mucus hindering the access of sperm to the egg. There also work as a contraceptive;
  3. determine the changes in the endometrium (uterine lining) by preventing the implantation of the embryo. In this case function as an abortifacient.
  4. change the movement of the egg in the fallopian tubes. If it is fertilized result in abortion – a microaborto, when you are not an ectopic pregnancy (the child develops in the tube causing serious life-threatening for the mother)

Studies in the EE. UU. shown that the pill can cause abortions common in the proportion of 5% to 10%. While the mini and micro tablets (low dose pills) may cause microaborto in 30% to 50% of cases.

Studies show that the pill has, among others, the following side effects: circulatory disorders, breast cancer, cervical cancer, liver tumors, fetal malformation, etc..

According to studies by the British Medical Association 130 pills cause hormonal changes in her body, creating a totally artificial situation, replacing the existing mechanism of natural hormones in the body.

IUDs work as a foreign body in the uterus preventing implantation of the embryo and not eliminating the sperm, as many of its advocates would have you believe. Associated with copper (copper IUD) or hormones have,

IUDs, the effect of aborting the baby in her first days of life.

The same mechanisms occur with abortive hormonal implants (Norplant).

Recently, it was marketed to “Morning after pill” also known as “Emergency Contraception“. This pill, high-dose hormone has two mechanisms of action:

  1. a) if the woman is not ovulating on the pill prevents ovulation, contraceptive running. This occurs in 20% of cases.
  2. b) if already ovulated the pill prevents implantation, aborting the embryo in early life. This occurs in 80% of cases.

3. Artificial insemination

Many infertile couples, or who have undergone sterilization (vasectomy or tubal ligation) have resorted to artificial insemination to have children.
These couples do not always know the implications of this procedure.

There are several types of artificial fertilization:

  1. a) homologous fertilization – when the germ cells (egg and sperm) are the couple;
  2. b) heterologous fertilization – when one of the gametes (egg or sperm) is a person other than the spouses. This characterizes adultery.
  3. c) extracorporeal fertilization – when the fertilization of the egg occurs outside the female body. Also known as fertilization “in vitro” (test tube baby)
  4. d) intracorporeal fertilization – when the union of sperm and the egg takes place in the woman’s body with technical assistance (method known as “Gift”)

The artificial insemination is condemned by the Church, not only threatening the natural law of procreation, and imply moral and ethical problems, and endanger human life.

4. Natural methods of family planning – planned parenthood

While artificial methods have side effects causing many of them, abortion in the early stages of human life, and artificial fertilization, and result in abortions, has serious moral and ethical implications, natural methods have drawbacks and are more effective than those . Stimulate mutual knowledge of the couple, encourage respect for the spouses and the spouses together.

The man is fertile all the time from puberty to death. Since the woman is fertile only 24 hours during their menstrual cycle. Theoretically only one day for a month, a woman can become pregnant. As sperm can stay in the woman’s body (the vagina or cervix) for 3 or 4 days waiting to fertilize the egg, to be sure the fertile period extends for 5 to 7 days.

The Church defends the family planning with natural methods that respect the physical integrity of human beings and the couple’s complicity in the preservation of the human species. These methods have proven scientific basis and effectiveness: ovulation method (Billings) method and basal body temperature rhythm method (Ogino-Knaus)

The “rhythm method” is often taken as the only natural method, by proponents of artificial methods. This is because this method is based on the period and only 20% of women have regular menstrual cycle. Others called the “rhythm method” of “Paste Method” for using a string of beads to target the woman’s fertile days. This method is valid only for women who have a regular menstrual cycle.

Since the ovulation method, also known by the name of its discoverers, the couple of Australian doctors, John and Evelyn Billings has a proven, by the World Health Organization, 98%, higher than the birth control pill that is between 96% and 97%.

The ovulation method is based on the natural changes a woman’s body.

Basically consists in the observation, the woman’s cervical mucus. Mucus is produced in the cervix and is a kind of natural barrier. When it becomes liquid and flexible down the vagina and is felt by the woman. Initially it is wet and sticky then becomes elastic (3-5cm), very elastic (5-10cm), regresses and disappears. The mucus is similar to egg white. The sperm is then fed and moves, thanks to the mucus.

When a woman is with a feeling of dryness during the cycle before and after the mucus is not fertile.

There is another natural method that is based on observation of the woman’s body temperature. It’s called “basal temperature method”

The basal temperature method indicates the fertile period, when the woman’s temperature is higher

The basal temperature is the lowest temperature and stable body, obtained after a period of complete rest. Usually in the morning before rising, the human body has the lowest temperature during the day.
Unlike man, the woman has a biphasic temperature (a high phase and a low phase). The ovulation (fertile period) occurs when the temperature is high.

Today there are several devices based on natural methods that help women to detect their fertile days. Among them are: PG-53, Donna, Baton Fertility and Mini-sophia. The former are in the experimental phase, while the Mini-sophia, has been adequately tested, and today is the most effective device for detecting fertile days. Its efficacy is estimated at 99.2%. It is an electronic thermometer whose probe is placed under the tongue, in the morning to take basal temperature. The data are recorded and presented on a screen, the fertile days.

5. Conclusion

Natural methods are scientifically proven and superior efficacy to artificial methods. They are the only lawful, permitted by the Church and acceptance of moral and ethics. Among other advantages the couple to ensure responsibility for family planning, and facilitate dialogue and the spouses’ union.
The artificial methods, and the consequences for women’s health, most of them today, causes abortion in early life. The methods of population control is a surgical abortion done clandestinely or under the supposed protection law.

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