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Resume Writing Advice – Keywords and Other Information

Keywords in resume and Other Information

Is there some crucial piece of information about you that an employer needs to know, but does not neatly fit into any category? Are there specific keywords in resume or skill areas that you want to ensure appear on your resume? Take advantage of this section to include additional business-related strengths, keywords in resume, preferences, or a description of your preferred work style. For example, you may need to include your preferred working location if you are applying to a company with national or worldwide offices, or work habits and attitudes that demonstrate important characteristics.

Better Results Using a Keyword Section

If you are creating a scannable or electronic resume, this would be an ideal place to develop a list of keywords. keywords in resume are important components of scannable and electronic resumes because prospective employers use a list of keywords and keywords in resume phrases to search resume databases for potential employees. The more matches there are between the keywords in resume, you list in your resume and the list the employer is searching for, the better the chance your resume will be selected for further review.

When a computer performs this search, it checks your entire resume for matching words and phrases. You may not need a specific keyword section if you mention keywords in resume and phrases throughout your resume. However, if you are unsure whether your resume covers all the skill keywords in resume, then add a Keyword section. This section should include the additional skills you possess, and professional jargon or other terms that describe your experience.

Insider Tip:  Whenever possible, use synonyms of keywords in resume throughout your resume to ensure you have the greatest chance of creating a match when your resume is searched. If you used an abbreviation for a specific term in one section, spell the term out in another (e.g., if you used the initials B.A. in the Education section of your resume, spell out Bachelor of Arts, in your Keyword section).

Developing a List of Your Career Keywords

Choosing the best keywords in resume and phrases is subjective and largely dependent on your career and the type of position for which you are applying. keywords in resume should focus on technical and professional areas of expertise, industry-related jargon, and your work history. Also include the names of associations and organizations you belong to or degrees you have earned.

To define keywords in resume that apply to your job target, look at job postings and employment ads for similar jobs, and list the skills, qualifications, technical or product knowledge, industry jargon, personal traits and experience described. Then, review your own relevant qualifications and add terms that describe your own skills and knowledge. Keywords can be single words, such as Excel, or short phrases, such as “Document Preparation.”

Insider Tip:  Always use specific keywords in resume . For example, while it is beneficial to include the phrase “computer literate,” you will also want to list the specific software in which you are proficient.

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