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Haryana jat protest news


Haryana jat protest news

#Cosmoread: Jat community in Haryana again warning of the movement of the Internet services has been shut again. Rohtak, Jhajjar and Sonepat on the Internet and send bulk messages is banned. Last month, during the movement was also off Internet service. Meanwhile, the Jats from Haryana Government was invited to negotiate. Jat agitation will decide on…

Chief Secretary and DGP in Chandigarh -shukrwar afternoon clash with the All India Jat committee meeting

  • Yash Pal Committee leader Malik says talks then rose again, so we are ready for movement.

He also said this is not a lapse of CM Khattar

  • The growing tension between the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar spoke Thursday afternoon.
  • He also instructed that both state violence like last time.
  • Please tell the state last month, 30 people were killed during the violence.

Spoke Minister Birendra Singh government are not listening to the ultimatum

  • Haryana’s Additional Chief Secretary (Home) PK Das said that we have the information that can be gathered in several places Jat agitators.
  • Jat community of Haryana Minister Anil Vij said Ultimatum “We must bring the bill Jat. Jat brothers want to say Stop Bullying.”
  • Anil Vij Minister Birendra Singh’s statement that the government stated that if the ultimatum is not heard. He advised the ministers to use the sweet language.
  • Meanwhile, the movement is likely to revive the government to increase security in the state orders.
  • Deputy Commissioners for three months the National Security Act (NSA) has been under the power of direct action.
  • 100 companies of central para-military forces have been sought. Army and para-military troops in Rohtak have access.
  • The precautionary closure is university and college.

Political advisor to the surrender of former CM Hooda

  • Jat reservation violence during the movement involved in the treason charges against Prof. Virender Singh, surrendered Thursday afternoon Rohtak police.
  • Court is a two-day remand.
  • Virender former CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s political advisor.
  • Treason, and conspiracy to spread communal tension was charged.
  • An audio tape viral Virendra Singh was named captain in which he talks of a man are heard.
What are the new demands?
  • The Jat community in Haryana and demanded that they should be included in the OBC.
  • During last month’s movement to take action against officers who shot.
  • Financial assistance to the families of the dead and be given government jobs.
  • Go to withdraw all the cases were recorded during the movement.
  • During the movement of those arrested be released immediately.
  • MP Prince Saini immediately arrested. Saini said that the agitators should be ashamed.

Reservation How Jat community wants?

  • 30 per cent population in Haryana Jat community wants your reservation in the OBC category.
  • Haryana government did not agree to it. CM Khattar Ikonomicli increased from 10 per cent to 20 per cent quota for backward classes was announced, so it can be adjusted to the Jat community.
  • The benefit Jat, Jat Sikh, Bishnoi, Tyagi and road EBC (economically backward classes) was to be under.
  • But Jat leaders turned down the offer. The 27 per cent OBC quota only place they want. After that tension began to mount.
  • Three weeks ago, about 30 people were killed due to the violence. The state had to deploy the army.

Now the government is offering what?

  • Khattar government Jats Backward Class (C) has decided to give new categories making the reservation.
  • However, the 27 per cent OBC quota will remain.
  • Jats in OBC category Kae special benefit will be.

Pressure on the government after the court ruling was made Jats

  • Indeed, the previous Congress in Haryana Bhupinder Singh Hooda government in 2012 under the Special Backward Class Jat, Jat Sikh, Road, Bishnoi and Tyagi community had reservations.
  • UPA government in 2014 in 9 states including Haryana had announced to bring the OBC Jataen.
  • The Supreme Court refused to accept the Jats Pichdha government canceled the order.
  • Punjab and Haryana High Court after an order on September 19, 2015, five nations including Khattar government reservation to Jats had withdrawn the notification. This notification was issued during the Hooda government.
  • Since the Jat community Khattar was making pressure on the government to find a new path.

On this issue, all parties are looking at the use-loss?

(A) The major reason for vote: Jats in Haryana’s population is 30 per cent. A third of the 90 assembly seats are occupied by Jats. 9 out of 12 are Jat chief minister of the state.
(B) If the reservation was …: Khattar government administrative orders are coming from the SBC category reservation fixes that promise to bring legislation. All parties will be forced to seek it in the Assembly, but in the center it may be objected to. If that happens, it will damage the BJP. Reservations also apply to non-Jat vote bank of the BJP is eroding.
(C) And did not have …: agitator can be violent again. Last month also witnessed violence in the state. Jat vote in favor of such a situation would run Dal and Congress. Because the Dal is supported by the Jat reservation open at party level.

Centre Why bother?

  • UP election next year’s assembly elections in UP. Jat has good turnout of voters in western UP. The government does not want to go through the Jat agitation effect of the UP elections.
  • Difficulty in Delhi last month when protesters movement Munak canal water supply was stopped. This need is fulfilled 60 per cent of water in Delhi. You also petition the Supreme Court in this case, the government had imposed.