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Home » Featured » Ishrat Jahan encounter: how the former official told the affidavit would Torture
Ishrat Jahan and her three companions

Ishrat Jahan encounter: how the former official told the affidavit would Torture

Ishrat Jahan encounter: how the former official told the


affidavit would Torture

#Cosmoread: Let militant being considered in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case was the turning point of the 12 year old is. Home Secretary GK Pillai in the first UPA government alleged that Chidambaram had changed sidelined affidavit in the case. A former officer of the Home Ministry came Arvis gem. He claimed that the affidavit was branded with them to replace cigarettes. My mother’s health after his condition worsened and he died. Temple was followed by female officers of CBI.

Claims – 1: Ishrat was a terrorist pressure of not telling

‘taims Now “Under Secretary in the Union Home Ministry in an interview to television channel Mani has many revelations.
– Mani said Ishrat and his terror was forced anonymity. By affidavit filed in the Supreme Court was asked to change. ”
– ” I was trying to make rubber stamps. Ishrat was asked to distill the evidence in the case. SIT chief Satish Verma has tortured me. Verma me fired from cigarettes. CBI officer was following me. ‘
– ” I was in Delhi for a South Indian temple. She was a woman of CBI officer followed me to the temple. ‘
– ” I was so upset that the family was in shock too. My mother was sick. I had trouble seeing his health worsen. Hence, died in January 2014. ‘

Claims – 2: Chidambaram Pillai said, had changed me aside affidavit

  • Home Secretary GK Pillai in the UPA government said Tuesday that the encounter of Ishrat Jahan affidavit attached to the then Home Minister, Chidambaram shift itself had been sidelined.
  • NDTV report, Pillai said: “Chidambaram IB call my junior officers and affidavit changed completely. ‘
  • ” They were speaking a new affidavit in writing. So someone did not resist. ‘
  • ” The affidavit in the case to Chidambaram and Home Secretary should not be blamed IB. Ishrat Jahan case affidavit was replaced by political reasons. ”

Claim – 3: Spoke Chidambaram had not changed any affidavit to save

  • Chidambaram Pillai’s intentions questioned in this case.
  • He also believed that the affidavit was changed, but it was so, because the first affidavit was misleading.
    He said it was not to save anyone, but in this case the right side of the central government was to keep.

Claims – 4: Headley was not aware of the SIT

  • Mail Today’s report said that the UPA Government at the time of Mumbai attacks accused David Headley, the NIA had questioned in 2010 in Chicago.
  • Then clean about Headley told NIA that Ishrat Jahan was a Lashkar militant.
  • Ishrat probe when the SIT was formed on the orders of the Gujarat High Court.
  • Gujarat SIT Headley to NIA NIA had sought information about the statement refused to give it.
  • May 5, 2011 letter to the Gujarat SIT chief Karnal Singh said the NIA “Headley about Ishrat statements will not be considered as evidence in court. So his statements would not serve the purpose of your investigation.”
  • According to sources, the Lashkar-e-Taiba of Ishrat Jahan Headley told a suicide bomber.
  • Last month, in a special court in Mumbai through video conferencing from Chicago during the testimony, Headley said Ishrat was a Let operative.
Hearing in Ishrat Jahan case to SC
  • Petitions to the Supreme Court hearing in the case is filed.
  • Ishrat Jahan case against Chidambaram in the Supreme Court and Gujarat High Court has been accused of perjury and misleading.
  • Sought to petition the court to take the case Suomoto.
  • In this case, seeking contempt action against Chidambaram said.
    This is another case
  • June 15, 2004 Ishrat Jahan, Javed Sheikh, Amjad Rana and Zeeshan Johar name the four alleged militants were killed in an encounter in Ahmedabad.
  • An encounter by the Gujarat police in connection with the Intelligence Department revealed that these were Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who had come to kill.
  • Congress on Gujarat fake encounter accused.
  • In this case, former home secretary GK Pillai has admitted a relationship with the family were militants.
  • He said that Ishrat was LeT terrorist or not, they do not know, but he was involved in the entire operation.
  • CBI is currently investigating the Ishrat Jahan case.
  • In 2013, the CBI filed chargesheet said the encounter was fake.
  • The encounter was put together by Ahmedabad police and IB.
  • At present, the case is in court. Headley’s revelations once again being in Ishrat case probe.
  • In 2009, 55-year-old from Chicago arrested Gilani aka David Headley in the Mumbai special court to testify via video conferencing.

  • Headley’s Pakistani American citizen. He is jailed in the US.

  • Special court in Mumbai on December 10., 2015, in the case of the 26/11 terror attacks Headley promised pardon while witnesses were ordered to appear before him on February 8.
  • The fourth day of his testimony, Headley revealed, “Lashkar-e-Taiba was an operation in which there was a conspiracy to shoot a police checkpoint. The Ishrat was a Lashkar-e-Taiba.”
  • Special prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said the witness was asked specifically whether Headley LeT suicide bombers, including a woman?
  • Nikam said that Headley first denied, but later took the name of Ishrat Jahan. He also was in charge of the women’s wing of LeT Abu Ayman Mazhar.
Police officers who were involved in this encounter?
  • CBI including former DIG DG Vanzara seven people accused in the case. They are out on bail.
  • DG Vanzara: Sohrabuddin-Tulsiram encounter after his name surfaced in the Ishrat Jahan case. The court allowed the CBI in 2013, was taken into custody from Sabarmati jail. Now retired.
  • According to the CBI, Vanzara the detection of crime branch (DCB), Ahmedabad had to lead the team. Planning was the same. The team did encounter of Ishrat and her accomplices.
  • JG DSP. Parmar: Parmar in Sadiq Jamal encounter case were in jail. He also accused in the case. Retired.
  • ACP NK Amin: Amin who encounter crime branch team lead was spot-on. SP is designed Mahishanagr promoted.
  • ADGP PP Pande: These were also arrested in the same case. CBI claims that Pandey was the mastermind of the encounter. DGP was promoted.
    -aipis GL Singhal, Tarun Barot and Anaju Chaudhary was also charged. Barot retired. Singhal promoted last year, is designed to dig.
  • All of them kidnapping, Arms Act, were charged with murder and tampering with evidence.
    Intelligence agencies had different claims
  • In 2013, the CBI chargesheet in the Ishrat Jahan innocent in a way only the college students had told him to say.
  • IB Theory dismissed the CBI was asked why the Mumbai-Ahmedabad students arrived with weapons?
  • Was the question that Ishrat Kidnap IB was also reported by his family Why did not enter?
  • IB was asked by the LeT operative, stating that the victims where the weapons came from?
  • CBI had told the court that the whole plot was a nexus of Gujarat police and IB.