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If there is something I value in my life is patience – Bed Time Stories

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If there is something I value in my life is patience …

Not because it allows us to analyze all the variables of a problem, that in itself would be fantastic, I value patience more than anything because it is part of my personality. Separate me from my patience is how to separate me from an arm or a leg.

I am patient, after all, I’m a vampire.

Being a vampire has given me very proud, especially when they showed teeth with twice the normal size and eyes the color of blood for some wretch that I was in the path to the afterlife. Since I could not feel proud to subdue creatures so insignificant? And how could not feel a god to see the time pass while I stood for all free and strong to continue with my carnal pleasures?

Ah, but that was in the beginning, when my eyes still saw beauty in this land covered by pests. When I still thought that there would be an eternal flock to serve me in my moments of madness, to amuse myself when my body craved something carnal … How many nights did not pass along my kind of fellow enjoying a life of pleasure without limits?

– Plenty of time – say for the walls almost as immortal as I am.

The years of loneliness created in me a nasty habit of talking to himself. Perhaps I just want to test my vocal cords, be sure that they remain as powerful as the time when I cried out in anger at some bloodshed forgotten.
This took me to another question. One I did not have a good time.

– How long I do not taste human blood?

I raise my chair now wears the long years and let my eyes glow green to scarlet haunted. When this happens the scenery around me lights despite the dark night, the objects emanate their own light, weaker or stronger depending on the time that remained close to a living thing, a strange effect as the night sky showing through the window continues black as asphalt acentado recently.However it is increasingly difficult to observe the contours of the night as the amount of life on this planet is increasingly scarce.

“But there are the trees?”, You can ask me and I will answer that yes, indeed there are more trees covering the land than at any other time, dear friend, but trees do not serve food, so I decided a long time animals are the only living thing on this planet, a simple logic …

– If I need to drink in there lives, everything that I do not serve food can not be alive.

Many people would disagree, give me a thousand and logical reasons to put the plants in the realm of the living. But I Rebato: “Of what use is human logic these days? What good is the logic of a race extinct? ”

Ghosts walk with steps and a hand gesture I open the doors of the public library to use for some time as a haven of sun hours. It was an ordinary evening I realized that there would be a good place for me, besides the needed shelter for the day have an endless supply of useful information on the mountains of books that survived the race that created them. Not that you need them to much nowadays, but I’m sure that my information will be useful in the future, after all would not be too learn a little about engineering or tapestry or even as a mere immortal can create electricity from ordinary things. The other day I fulfilled one of these goals, it took some time but I became able to create electricity. It was the first time in ages I saw the power of dozens of candles in a light and felt like Thomas Edison, doing what you could say a miracle, though to be sure that my predecessor had much more recognition than Iwith our creation.

Returning to the extinct humans say that they were a race of cowards, very different from what I thought when I stopped being one, they fought bravely against the micro killers that claimed their lives. They spent endless resources and energy and were very close to win the fight. However, as with all epic battle, there should be only one survivor and humans were not. My companions, those of my race, came to perish soon after, I myself was one step from the life that waits after this death, but by mere chance I found being able to exist with the blood of other species. When I made the discovery to pass to the remaining vampires but they called me dirty and refused to take the blood of animals.

At various times I think they made the right decision and left at the appropriate time. ..

– Ghosts are only good when there is something to haunt … Or maybe I’m the real ghost, the ghost of an entire race of living and dead. The ghost of history. Which saw the rise and fall of the most powerful life form that ever walked this planet.

Intoxicated by the powerful tone of my speech I get to dance with an invisible pair of broken asphalt in the desolate city. Humanity is gone but left many traces behind, buildings, cars, technology, things that are not absorbed as easily by Gaia. I dance in the midst of all these things, in the midst of fallen poles, destroyed vehicles, the bones of the dying who had even a decent place to drop dead. I dance to the euphoria disappears and I go back to my place of mere observer in this dead world …

God, God, God – singing into space – What did while creating their perishing?

Busy with other worlds? Other races? Or finally had become tired of his image and likeness? I had much time to think about it and came to the conclusion that such a response is irrelevant. No matter how it happened, nor why. In fact nothing else matters, not even me and my vain attempts to recreate the lost technology are of any value. I’m just a poor man, unable to live and die, trapped in a cage called Earth that has long lost its grace.

I stop next to a vehicle hit and sit inside, it has been my routine since I discovered the library lost. I lean against the passenger seat right next to a pile of bones that still wears a yellow pajamas. I’ve lost a lot of time pondering the story of that figure and again came to the conclusion that it is irrelevant. For him, for myself and time …

Breathe out slowly as the distance a handful of crows calling something with nature. Why repeat this routine? Why am I in this world? Maybe to see what comes next, to be witness of those who come after mankind. It will be an arduous task to replace something that very nearly did not reach perfection but I am sure that nature will find a way. And when that happens I’ll be there. The past incarnate. The shadow of time. Finally putting my role as ghost and horror taking the new creatures that will overcome this fear.I will be more an instrument of Gaia, plus a plague among the many that already exist on this planet. The difference is that I will be the largest. The human plague.

I smile, both at night and to my fellow pure-bone, and my smile again I exercise my basic attribute.

– Patience – I tell myself as I make my eyes darkened – New nights to come.

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