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If God loves us, why does He allow pain and suffering

The month of August is special! In it we celebrate Father’s Day, this figure so important in our lives. And you can not think of the Father and not think our Father in heaven!

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

He loves us with an everlasting love, unconditionally! Unconditional yes! He loves you and me, without putting conditions to love! No matter their appearance, their height, their hair color, none of this matters. He loves us even though we do not love! It is an infinite love!

He loves you even if you do not want this love! The love of our Father in heaven has no boundaries or barriers, a love so strong that led to its ultimate consequences. The point of giving his only son to die in our place and take the punishment that was ours!

But you may be wondering: If God loves me so much so that it allows so much suffering? Why so much trouble in my life? Why do so many fights?

Big questions is not it? LOVE vs. Suffering, you have the impression that God entered into contradiction? Contradiction? No, definitely not, God does not contradict itself!

The answers to many questions are simple! Because He loves us immensely God wants the best for us, and allows the trial and the difficulty for us to be better people!

Our Beloved Father wants to make grow in grace, as Jesus did:

And Jesus grew in stature, in wisdom and grace before God and men. Luke 2.52. God allows adversity in front of them because we become stronger, more holy, the hardships and problems make us fight, get us out of inertia, causes us to seek God for strength and amparo.Faz us to be dependent on their allowance! Think if there is no struggle, as there will be victory?

The Lord tells us in Zechariah 13.9 … cleanse him up as silver is refined, I will prove it as gold is tried. Then he will call on My name, I hear, and say, This is my people: and he will answer: The Lord is my God …. Shivering is not it? The Lord in this verse gives us all the answers! You still say: What? All the answers … still do not understand?? Calm will explain!

God loves us and that is unchanging and unconditional, ie He asks for nothing in return for love, but even though, we have a sinful nature. And you still think: so what? So what, we are sinners and God is holy and no compatibility between holiness and sin is like oil and water do not mix, as sinners without remission of sins through the blood of Jesus, we are condemned to death. And we love the Lord does not want to miss any! Got it? God loves you and does not want to lose you, He wants you to reach for the sky! And that is why he wants to cleanse and purifies gold and silver, you know how this is done? `On Fire! Purified in the fire!

We must understand that amid the struggles and the problems we can use this loving Father who loves us and wants to give us solace and refreshment, he wants us to seek, and we ask for His help He has joy in taking care of us! !
Given the difficulties of life if he will seek, and will stand with us! Even if it is in the fire, as the three young men who were thrown into the furnace by King Nebuchadnezzar they were called Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown into the furnace and hot, so hot that the soldiers who played in it, were burned and died immediately. But the three into the flames praising the Lord through that trouble, amid the flames they praised and thanked. In Daniel 3, 46-50 it is written: Meanwhile, the king’s men, who had played there, they never stopped to feed the furnace with naphtha, burlap, resin and dry wood. Then the flames, rising to forty-nine cubits above the furnace, exceeded the grid and burned the Chaldeans that were found nearby. But the angel of the Lord had come down with Azarias and his companions to the furnace and fire away. He made the center of the blaze as a place where a morning breeze blew, the fire not even touched them or made them no harm, nor caused them the least pain. Then the three young men raised their voices in unison to praise, glorify and bless God into the furnace passes along ….. Maybe you’re in trouble! For fights! For problems that only you know. But do not forget God loves us, and allows struggles in our lives for us to be more holy! Learn with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the midst of struggles and trials of life praise the Lord! At the time of difficulty where murmuring and complaining seems to be the easiest thing to do, fight, thank the Lord, praise Him, ask His help! In the text of the book of Daniel it says the Angel of the Lord came into the furnace and prevented the flames from the burn, repair the angel did not put out the flames, he brought them into the flames! And why did not he do it? To be clear, God will not have to make a life without problems and without difficulty, but amid the difficulties of life He put us together and no harm will prevail! And just as the Three of the furnace, the Angel of the Lord will be with us in the midst of adversity, in the heat of the difficult situations of life, amid the flames of trial, it will cause us to be well! Among the problems we are not alone the Lord is with us. Remember this: God allows hardship and struggle and many times does everything we want, so we do not become spoiled little children!

Believe God wants to give you true joy, He wants you to find, he has to give you a lap and a shoulder for you to cry! Feel the love on this Father so kind and so sweet. And if you want me to pray thus: Dear and loving Father, we love you, please strengthen us and hold our hand before the fight, give us grace to be able to praise and thank you even through the difficulties Amen!

From now on you and I can not forget one very important thing! You know what? Do not forget that from now on we must look at the problems and difficulties as an opportunity to win and the purification of our God, then anything murmuring huh! Praise, Thank!

Want to know more? It has a very good text, sayings from 3.11 to 12 after reading this grab your bible and read this verse. I believe God will speak to your heart!

If we look at the struggles, such as a touch of the Lord’s Love for us, everything is different! Is not it??

Sincerely, Stay At Peace of GOD!

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