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How to make a strong friendship

The friendship is tested constantly. This is a natural process, pointing to human development and the formation of his system of values. To strengthen the friendly relations should improve self-esteem.

Two friends

A In their desire to strengthen friendly relations, based on the fact that during the lifetime of the value of friendship changing. This is a natural and ongoing process. Entering into a relationship with different people, you get some experience. At the same core values ​​are systematized and refined. For example, enrolling in the University, you have found new friends. You a lot in common, your friendship is an interesting and exciting. But the years pass, and after a while you realize that your attitude to friendship has changed, you are bringing to it a completely different requirements.

2 To further understand whether you are satisfied or that friendly relations be clear for yourself what you call friendship and what is it expensive? Select the quality of your friend or girlfriend will appreciate this manifestation of man in relation to you and be aware of your feelings and feel that you are experiencing, being next to him. Try to understand what exactly you would like to change in this sense. State the answer to the question: “What do you want to get from friendships?”.

3 Relate your desires and needs with those categories of your friend or girlfriend. Each person has their own individual characteristics. It is therefore important to understand that friendship is at its core is a compromise. Reflecting on what you would be able to forgive your friend and what kind of requirements you might have to soften, you will inevitably come to a completely natural conclusion. In friendships, there are things in which you are willing to make some concessions, but there are those who are completely excluded.

4 Highlight your own desires and needs that support your inner dignity and not subject to revision. Every person they are unique. Some might forgive another deception, betrayal, humiliation, and some will not be able to transfer part or ridicule of stupid jokes that will inevitably lead to the rupture of relations. Make up and write a list of situations in which you can not compromise.

5 Discuss your requirements with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Given that education and experience for each person highly individual, such things can be perceived differently. Your loved one or friend needs to know and properly understand what is important to you in your relationship.

6 Take the right decisions. If your relationship is a mutual match the requirements, then you have on hand all the tools that can significantly strengthen your friendship, without causing controversy. Otherwise, you will be able to terminate or modify the relationships that have not fit the image of friendship.

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