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Autonomous Lexus


Autonomous Lexus
Autonomous Lexus

Google’s self-driving car to the fault bus crash

#Cosmoread: Google’s self-driving cars, a bus crashed into one of the last month, the first time in the company’s fleet of robots due to a vehicle collision, marking the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) filed an accident report according.

The accident report said the Mountain View, California, Google’s self-driving took place on February 14 and a public transport bus between the Lexus RX450h. Google’s autonomous vehicle (AV) came to a stop after and sandbags positioned around a storm drain that had been trying to maneuver around, collided, according to the accident report.

“The light turned green, the traffic in the street and continued past Google AV,” Google officials wrote in a report. “After a few cars had passed, Google AV to move back to the center lane to pass sand bags began. A public transport bus was coming from behind. Google AV test driver just left supposedly closely watched in the mirror, but the bus stop or to continue to allow Google AV is slow. about three seconds later, as Google made contact with the side of this bus lane AV was reentering the center. ”

Robotic vehicles less than 2 mph (3.2 km / h) time of the accident and just about 15 mph (24 km / h) was traveling in was traveling on, according to the report. No injuries were reported, but damage to the robot Lexus RX450h sustained left front fender, front wheel on the driver’s side and left one of the sensors, the report said.

“Our self-driving cars El Camino Real, in each direction that Google’s hometown of Mountain View and San Francisco Bay along the peninsula runs through the land of three on a wide boulevard spend a lot of time,” Google said in a statement provided to Engadget. “Hundreds and hundreds of sets of traffic lights with more intersections, the busy and historic artery has helped us learn a lot of years. And on Valentine’s Day, we at El Camino, a difficult set of circumstances that we have an important skill ran into a similar improvement has helped to navigate the streets. ”

In October 2015, published by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute study found self-driving cars per million miles traveled in a higher accident rate than conventional cars, though with autonomous vehicles to reduce the overall severity of the accident-related injuries was found as compared to regular vehicles. At the time of the study, however, they were involved in a self-driving vehicle accidents was convicted for. But it is important to remember that these are preliminary findings, the researchers said, because the self-driving vehicles, conventional vehicles in the United States by about 12 million miles (1.9 million km) of 3 trillion miles (4.8 trillion km), compared with Login year – spent little time on the road.

“Now we detail in our simulator in the event (and thousands of variations on it) reviewed and refinements made to our software,” Google said in its statement to Engadget. “From now on, our cars and buses will understand more deeply (and other large vehicles) less than other types of vehicles are likely to yield to us, and we have more in the future to handle the situation gracefully have hope.”

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