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Google Answers: google search engine placement


Google Answers: google search engine placement

here are very few people in this world that KNOW Google’s algorithm. Us Google researchers are not included in that small group. This means that my answer will be based on what the SEO (search engine optimisation) community has learned about Google’s ways, and not on scientific information derived from the algorithm. There is a good reason why the algorithm is secret, and why no one can just give a magic answer that will work 100%. Having said that, please do not lose heart! You are about to receive some information that will greatly improve your chances of a listing with Google. I have visited your web site with two web browsers: Netscape 7, and Internet Explorer 6. One of the first things I noticed is that some background text loaded, and was promptly covered up by the main interface and images. I checked the code, and indeed you do have a lot of body text, but other items cover all of it. Google is pretty smart, and often can detect hidden text. A lot of people use hidden text to spam the search engine with irrelevant terms. This resulted in a 30-Day “no listing” penalty being enforced for any hidden text found. Seeing that your PR rank for your web site is 0/10 vs. "No rating yet available", my hunch is that this might be the reason you are not showing up in search results (please see PR, or Page Rank, explained at the bottom of my answer in the resources section). Whether the hidden text is a browser glitch due to a design for other browser versions or browser types than used by me for testing, or on purpose, I would recommend looking into ensuring that there is no invisible text on your page. Remove the hidden text, or change your code so it shows up under Netscape 7, and Internet Explorer 6. Other factors to consider are code to text ratio. As of now, you do not have a lot of true text anywhere. I would recommend converting the image text to true text. Search engines cannot view image text. Converting the images to text will also greatly improve the load time of your web site, keeping more users happy. Down the road if you ever need to modify the text, you will find the task a lot easier when using true text vs. images. Having gone through your links, I noticed that your contact information is hidden under the right hand side images when using Netscape 7. As I motioned above, it is always a good idea to test with as many browsers as possible. I test my pages with Internet Explorer 6, Netscape v4/v7, and Opera 7. Chances are that when the page looks good under all four, it will be at least "usable" under other browsers. Sometimes making the page look readable under the four browsers I use to test means not using some technologies. I still use tables for 95% of my layout needs, because this is the only technology I can rely on 99% of the time. Anything else might render my page unusable under certain versions or browser types. Back on the subject of getting you listed with Google. After you have made some of my recommended changes, head over to dmoz.org as that is the best way to get into the Google index. Move through the directory until you find the section most appropriate for your web site, and click the Submit A Site link. If you don’t see the link, you will have to narrow down the category a little bit more. Please read the terms that are shown before site submission. Not knowing the terms means you cannot obey them, and not obeying them can mean getting banned from the index forever with the submitted domain name. The only thing you can do when that happens is change domain names. Not a good option. Once you have done that, surf over to the regional section of dmoz.org, and find the geographical location directory that best represents your physical location. Submit your site here too. dmoz.org says that only one submission is allowed, but after contacting one of the dmoz directory editors, I have been notified that a regional and industrial submission is always welcome. The proof is that you can find some web sites under two listings, one is geographical the other industrial. Once you get listed at dmoz.org, Google will pick you up from the dmoz index. There is a lot of information available on the do’s and dont’s of search engine submission, and SEO copywriting (writing text and code with search friendliness in mind). This is a huge industry, and be prepared to do some learning. I am including some good resources on the subject, which should help you get started.

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