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World champion Lee Sedol


World champion Lee Sedol
World champion Lee Sedol

Get Google’s Artificial Intelligence trounces world champion in match 1

#Cosmoread: An artificial intelligence system developed by Google, plans to go five games before the world champion athlete has trounced.

The program is called AlphaGo, currently in South Korea in a historic five-day matchup with former world champion Lee Sedol is facing off. Both players are considered the best of its kind: AlphaGo recently, European champions go, while Fan was bested Sedol best living player strategy game, which many consider the world’s most complex games are considered.

In the first match AlphaGo roundly Sedol, who apparently was surprised by the results, defeated.

“I have to play a perfect game AlphaGo did not like,” Sedol a press conference on Wednesday (9 March), said.

Other professional players were blown away by the performance of the AlphaGo.

“Google said the odds were fifty-fifty, it does not seem that they were joking,” Cho Hanseung, get a top professional player, GoGameGuru, told a Go enthusiast website. “I still can not believe my performance, even though I had just seen.”

AI Grand Challenge

In January, defeated European champion Fan was seen as a triumph of artificial intelligence. Go is often considered one of the grand challenges in the region, due to the incredible number of potential trick – each turn a relatively minor compared to 20 200 in chess requires decision-making between potential moves.

“This is probably the most complex man-ready game,” AlphaGo co-inventor Demis Hassabis, a computer scientist at London DeepMind Google, said in a press conference on 26 January. “The power of 170 possible board positions, which is more than the number of atoms in the universe to the 10’s.”

To break the problem into more manageable bites, team coded AlphaGo (which was developed by Google DeepMind unit) different “learning” to access the network. A so-called Value Network to decide who is winning, while a policy network looks at the state of the board to evaluate possible moves. After watching the program, millions and millions of game play itself provides training.

While AlphaGo Sedol end getaway, it is not entirely fair to say that there was competition in a single fight. AlphaGo, the reigning champion of the matches to see many of their matchup against the practice while Sedol Sedol AlphaGo had very little exposure to the genre of the game. Also, Sedol seemed to be off his game and made some errors, but at several points during the game still managed to take the lead again, according to the commentary of the match GoGameGuru.

A few years, or even a few months ago, this result would have been inconceivable. By now, the players get the best artificial intelligence, as well as amateur players, and most experts agree that it is in the best years since the AI players can compete against the best man before Will happen.

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