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The gadget has got a scratch? To prevent self-propelled particles

#Cosmoread: Such as solar panels and flexible electronics devices they are small, self-propelled nanoparticles that detect and repair damage to their “wound,” Thanks is able to heal.

Electrical circuits in microscopic scratches can impede the flow of electricity and seriously affect the performance of the devices, but such scrapes to repair hard and even harder to detect, the researchers say.

Now, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and engineers from the University of Pittsburgh called nanomotors autonomous detection and to move toward these scratches before wedging itself into the cracks may have developed.

Wound healing – – Gold and platinum because the particles, which are composed of conduct electricity, they bridge the gap and complete the circuit again, according to researchers. nanomotors is a liquid solution that contains hydrogen peroxide in the fuel that powers them are applied.

Small blood particles called platelets have been found in mammals, the scientists induced the system design, the 251 National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society presented their research, on Sunday (March 13) said. The platelets clump together at the site of a wound that is bleeding the stem to form clots and to help heal wounds.

Nanomotors to build, the researchers first created tiny gold spheres coated with platinum and each area, which is the fuel that propels a catalyst to break down, serves as half of.

The event that causes the water separated from the oil droplets to merge together – then, gold hemispheres special hydrophobic effect has been modified to take advantage of.

Cracks in electrical circuits are generally hydrophobic, so making hydrophobic particles, the researchers nudge particles were able to seek out


naturally scratch. Nanomotors also to other small particles are prepared, thus allowing them to groups that can bridge the gap in a circuit as large.

The study presented at the meeting, and published in September last year, the lead author Li Jinxing, Nanoengineering a doctoral candidate in the department of UCSD and colleagues described how they had demonstrated a sleep system is a deliberately damaged the electrodes consist of a direct power source that can repair the circuit and a red LED, within 30 minutes.

Lee, Electronics’ ability to self-heal, especially the future of flexible fabric that mechanical stress will experience a lot of things like integrated electronics, solar panels, which are often in remote and hostile environments are kept as well as to be useful.

“These extremely small nanoscale particles are accurate to repair, so they use than conventional soldering should save a lot of costs,” Li told Live Science. “The next step in the on-demand activation of electronic systems to integrate these nanomotors is to investigate.”

Previous research into self-healing electronics is generally self-healing materials that conduct electricity and can become an integral part of the circuit is focused on creating. For example, Guihua Yu, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Texas, and his team has created self-healing circuits, junctions, where the damage is often designed to act as a soft joint conducting gel.

“Nanomotors described in this study as more electronics repair tools are out,” Yu told Live Science. “Those circuits they use concrete to fix cracks on a wall nanomotors can use to repair the crack.”

But along with the nanomotors to add fuel to integrate new technology into the electronic’s challenging to create a designed chemical environment at the site of injury by the need to make. A fully autonomous self-healing system when damage occurs in the right spirit and nanomotors and fuel will need to be able to apply.. “This is how they can be applied to electronic systems is versatile in terms of range, and how easily they become self-therapy can be included in the circuit to work, “Yu added.

The system relies mainly on traditional materials used in electronics, and it does not matter how much time has passed since the loss of the circuit, UCSD researchers said.

The approach could also applications outside electronics, Lee said. Pennsylvania State University in 2013, a group that has a similar system is released when ion power and direct the drug to the site of a bone crack carrying minerals breaks due to the nanoparticles used gradients revealed.

Li their approach could be used for a similar purpose, and they have already demonstrated that they gastric acid as fuel, electricity or even water use can nanomotors said.

“The concept is demonstrated here can have profound effects on drug delivery,” Li said. “We want to develop nanoscale drug shuttle, swim and explore the sites the disease. For example, we modify nanomotors with antibodies on the surface and can use them to swim and can target tumors.”