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suit you touch the 'environment' and Reach Out


suit you touch the 'environment' and Reach Out
suit you touch the ‘environment’ and Reach Out

New virtual reality suit you touch the ‘environment’ and Reach Out

#Cosmoread: Virtual reality could one day involve all the senses, creating a rich and immersive experience, but the only things you can see and hear the current virtual reality headset emulate. But now, a group of engineers in a more natural way for people to “touch” wants to help in the virtual environment, and they built a wearable suit is to do just that.

Lucian Copeland, built by Brooks and Jordan Morgan Sinko, while the University of Rochester, was a student at New York, a bulletproof vest or suit looks something like light armor. Each section of the suit is not a signal that the incoming messages to a mobile phone vibrate a little motor that makes the opposite. In addition, there are small accelerometers embedded in the arms of the suit.

When a virtual object hit that part of the body to provide the sense of touch and vibration accelerometers oriented in space suits help organ, the researchers said.

The suit is connected to a computer via a cable, such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, a virtual reality (VR) headset connects. The suit also shares data with a motion tracking system – according to the current version of Microsoft’s Kinect Copeland adds, but any system will do.

The combination of accelerometers and motion tracking means that if your hand is out of view of the camera because the program creates virtual environment “know” where you can be where your hands and count it most likely that this is no It does not matter how long your hands and what accelerometer tells about moving your hand on the device is based.

With that information in a virtual environment, a tree branch, for example, can show and touch the spot where it would be if it were hitting your side or if you were to touch it with your hand and tell the vibration to suit, the researchers said. Also virtual walls that can set you could feel. This way, when you’re walking around in your virtual environment, you accidentally bump into on your coffee table will not be an actual wall or trip.

“When you move into a virtual reality space controllers use real issue – it does not correlate to the movement,” Copeland told Live Science. “Get out of the chair and walk around you tracking component lets.”

Current VR Another issue is that some headset with diarrhea and nausea. The sense of touch can help with this problem involved, the researchers said, because the person who sees what in a virtual environment with respect to their body would match up better with experience. (This is one reason people get seasick – the boat is moving, but the horizon, and this disconnect is that some people feel sick).

However, it will be some time before these VR Suits make its way onto store shelves, the researchers said. Copeland, Sinko and Brooks Nullspace VR , A company which, through prize money and some funding from Y Combinator has received fellowship is established, but engineers need extra money would have to build the devices, Copeland said.

There is about what virtual reality technologies will take away some doubt among industry watchers. In the 1990s, it was a virtual reality headset manufacture’s Day, but none of those systems ever found widespread use. The problem was twofold: computing power just to work recreating the simulated environment was not, and there is a VR Currently headset for video games that could have a big improvement.

A similar incident Nintendo Wii video game console, which was introduced in 2006. What happened to, and Kinect, launched in 2010, two systems has received a lot of fanfare and Wii initially sold well . But, a decade after its launch, Wii sales have slowed down, up one per cent quarter-on-quarter, only a fraction of the growing, Nintendo, according to data of the earnings report. In January 2015, Microsoft announced that Kinect for Windows will retire. Kinect is a problem in terms of lack of use of the software system effectively, and in many cases, people to adjust the field of view in order to monitor the living room furniture needs to be moved around.

“Gimmick” to avoid problems, make sure that materials that Nullspace Copeland said that could use your abilities to make there VR The first set is available for developers.

Copeland said he was confident, however, that such a Oculus Rift VR and Vive Headsets are widely available, as well as the experience of those drives Nullspace will buy the VR suit. Already, those suits, tested out the “[p] eople are so impressed … they are like instant converts,” Copeland said.

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