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Cryptography snag Pioneers ‘Nobel Prize of computer science’

#Cosmoread: Internet pioneers most widely used encryption scheme with the most prestigious award in the field of computer science, was awarded yesterday.

Whitfield Diffie, chief security officer at Sun Microsystems, and Martin E. Hellman, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University in California, Tuesday (1 March), a $ 1 million cash prize that goes with the morning received the Turing Award, which Computing are awarded by the Association for the machinery.

The award, the talented British computer scientist Alan Turing, who during World War II German cryptography used to crack the Enigma cipher name, often called the Nobel Prize of computing.

“Today, the topic of encryption dominate the media, national security, impacts of government-private sector relations are seen as, and attracts billions of dollars in research and development,” Alexander Wolf, the Chairman of the Association for Computing machinery, said in a statement. “In 1976, Diffie and Hellman, a future where people communicate regularly through electronic networks and their communications are vulnerable to being stolen or changed. Now, almost 40 years later, we see that its forecast remarkably prescient were conceived. ”

Cryptography knowing that a third party who “eavesdrop” tried to be explored, both parties to negotiate in private allows. Almost as long as those secret message has been sent as spies and military leaders to have devised means to scramble messages. For example, passing secret military messages between commanders of ancient Sparta to encode a baton wrapped with strips of paper, used to be called a scytale. Only those who had the right size poles can decode messages.

The simplest type of cryptography generally involves substituting one letter for another, but by the end of the 20th century, radio, new applications that include sophisticated machining and electrical as well as enabling people dream of ever more complex systems Cryptography . Enciphering machines by World War II, became central to the war effort.

Secure Keys

It’s a secret decoder ring of the same size or whether a baton, which the parties are trying to communicate, both an “important” to send and understand the needs of a scrambled message. However, there is a system called symmetric encryption using the same keys at both ends, there are problems with. For example, if people become too dependent on a key, the encrypted text enough to crack the code may provide a competitor. However, for various lines of communication for the management of several different keys can be a headache.

But their 1976 paper, titled “New Directions in Cryptography,” Diffie and Hellman developed a conceptual framework for asymmetric encryption scheme. His system, in a public, freely available key while the private key is used to decrypt messages, is used to encrypt messages. Private key from the public key is derived computationally unrealistic even deduce from the other bus.

With a URL that begins with any website: the public-private key system is the heart of secure web “https: //” is dependent on the method, called Secure Transport Layer. The method now such e-commerce, e-mail servers and cloud computing system applications widely used by millions of people every year.

“Public key cryptography is fundamental to our industry,” Andrei Broder, a distinguished scientist at Google, said in the statement. “The ability to protect the private data to confirm the identity of the owner and to ensure the integrity and privacy of communication rests on protocol. These are widely used protocol through the ideas and methods pioneered by Diffie and Hellman was made possible. “