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Scratch code example


Scratch code example
Scratch code example

Computer coding toys for children really work?

#Cosmoread: The best human players, flying planes, beating in the stock market transactions to run chess, computers are now used in almost every aspect of modern day life is. But children adequately understand and use this ubiquitous technology is not ready, experts say.

That’s why many parents coding apps and toys to help give their children a head start turning. Toys suit different age groups, ranging from stripped-down robot turtle, visual coding languages made just for kids.

But that program or snowman robot game next Alan Turing or Steve Jobs will be close to your child?

It turns out, no one really knows, because there is very little research on the subject, and a traditional classroom setting out less, Andrew Ko, a computing education researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle, said.

“We teach computer science right now is a very immature understanding”.

What’s more, coding apps and toys, such as learning to read or play in the mud more traditional childhood exploits, should not take place in time spent, experts said. However, early exposure to coding toys and apps can build excitement, and inspiration to potential future work can translate computer science, experts said.

Different tools for different ages

Most children know how to read or write before they can use toys or apps coding needs, said. But beyond that, the kids like turtles around with a few clicks of a button that can be programmed to move as toys, as the basic building blocks of coding can learn.

Children age 5 and above such ScratchJr (an app that children can program their stories and games), Foos (coding an app uses visual language to teach concepts such as sports equipment or apps can use the image coding heavy kids’), or a video game to learn about coding Lightbot (), Alice Steinglass, vice president of product and marketing Code.org, to increase access to computer science said at a non-profit dedicated. Children age 7 and above, such as scratches or Tynker simplified visual coding language may be able to use, she said.

By the time kids reach middle school, they began to develop sophisticated theory of mind are – how other people act, which means that they are likely to create the model. Research shows that it is at this age when children how long a piece of computer code will run, which means that they can tackle the real coding languages can predict about, said.

At that age, children may be ready to make your robot or, for example, an alert that detects when a pesky younger brother in his room sneaks, Sheena Vaidyanathan, a computer science teacher for the K-8 level Los Altos school district in California, said the developer and of course, in silicon Valley.

Free, open-source programs such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi as well, such as pocket computers, kids just make your own robot and allow for smaller devices. They are such as Python or C “real” coding languages rudimentary elements may be ready to deal with at this point, he said.

Expanding access

Fast performance for computer science and girls can be especially useful to those traditionally underrepresented minorities. In 2012, according to the National Science Foundation for Women, Computer Science (CS) Bachelor’s degree earned only 14 per cent, while the CS degree underrepresented minorities held less than 20 percent.

But some research suggests that early exposure can close those gaps.

For example, a study conducted by Google has found that early exposure to a 2014 computer science research in the field stuck with what was a factor in college women. Many first-timers in CS their introductory programming classes when they’re fearful students, which for years has been their school networks against hacking or python script, Steinglass said.

“It’s taking an entry-level Chinese class every other child in the class and that looks like it is growing Chinese,” Steinglass told Live Science. “You can really feel lost.”

Cognitive benefits

Still, the early use of apps or coding toys actually makes children smarter or even better coders is unclear.

It would be a mistake for parents to think, “If I throw a toy on your child at all, they are going to coding geniuses, ‘Vaidyanathan said.” I like that it works guess not. The way they play and run around in the mud and fantasy play is probably just as important. ”

And no guarantee that a child’s toy or applications will be the next Bjarne Stroustrup, C ++ programming language designer

“The idea is that the toys are something that will promote learning – learning that it really is going to promote the 1 percent,” said.

Learning patience and flexibility

But in fact, it is not the issue.

“With these games you are teaching – it’s not rocket science,” Steinglass said. “You can learn that computer science is not scary, and you can get what you can believe in.”

Most toys creative fun, open-ended problems getting children accustomed to a sense of purpose are, she said. Another upside is the “direction (90) Move (10) steps. Turn 15 degrees below. Point.” Patience and flexibility, such as frustration that is teaching, speaking robot comes with decoding to overcome

However, although the Games and toys can be fun and motivating, and translates to actual computer programming “There is a lot of evidence in research that spur sustainable”, said.

Ko and his colleagues research SIGCHI Conference (Conference on Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group) will present in May found that patience, perseverance and growth mind-set, or the belief that people can improve with practice, Children are the key skills needed to be good in coding.

“It can be learned by everyone from our research that the coding is very clear. It is something that is not born with. A geek genes,” Ko said.

Life skills and those that provide benefits well beyond the computer screen are.

“This way of thinking, learning, or whatever helps you with knowing whether or not you coders,” Vaidyanathan said.