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Chanting Rules and Regulations of Hanuman Chalisa

The Hānumān chālīsā is the most popular composition of the great saint Goswami tulsidas, his best known text apart from the rama-charitmanas. Author of the tulsi ramayana.  He composed Hānumān chālīsā when he was very sick. He sang the praise of Sri Hānumān and it is said that he recovered from his illness. The significance of singing the glories of the lord is to purify your speech and mind. It is impossible to sing all his glories because they are infinite. You should chant those of his glories that are dear to you. Hānumān chālīsā mantra is chanted for the following reasons

  • Chanting Hānumān chālīsā even vibrations will stop adverse weather conditions and give peace, . The earthquakes even can be controlled by Hānumān chālīsā’s.
  • Hānumān Chālīsā mantra sound vibrations will give the effect of pranayama
  • Evil forces of the universe can best be countered with the sacred powerful vibrations of the Hānumān Chālīsā
  • Even the most impossible tasks can be achieved with the sacred vibrations of Hānumān Chālīsā

Hānumān Chālīsā is sung in various parts of India with great love and devotion. Some people chant it as their daily prayer. People believe that if they have illness or adversity, chanting of Hānumān Chālīsā seven times or one hundred times will relieve them of their distress. There are others who consider Saturday or Tuesday to be dedicated to Sri Hānumān and they spend the day in thinking about the glories of sri Hānumān, going to the temple and chanting Hānumān Chālīsā.

In order to prepare oneself to sing the glories of Sri Hānumān, he should make himself purify, pure mind will be able to relate with the lord and feel his presence everywhere. The glories of the lord will shine clearly in your heart. With this attitude, you sing the glories of the lord and you will get all that you seek, i.e. noble virtues (dharma), prosperity (artha), joy (kama) and liberation (moksha). All your sorrows will disappear and your ignorance will vanish. Such is the prayer of saint tulsidas. Though it appears simple at first reading. Recitation of it with understanding and devotion will result in great benefit. One should chant it at least once every day. That will help you to purify your mind and lead you on the path of liberation.

One who reads this hānumān chālīsā one hundred times will be released from all bondage and sorrows. Many people recite the Hānumān chālīsā one hundred times on tuesday or saturday, it often takes maximum of 6-7 hours. Or they may recite this continuously when they have problems or stress in their lives. Chanting of this will lead to relief from sorrow. One who reads Hānumān chālīsā will attain perfection without blemish. If you look at it logically, if you chant Hānumān chālīsā every day, it will create noble thoughts in you. Then you will want to know its real meaning. It will help purify your mind. Once you start your search in this direction, all your energies are directed to this goal, and you will attain liberation. So you have to make a beginning somewhere. With diligence and effort, you will succeed. Also in our body we are having seven chakras, which will be elevated to higher spirit by uttering some beej akshar contained in the Hānumān chālīsā, which gives all three types of strength. Hānumān chālīsā gives confidence, intelligence, presence of mind, riches, comfort, power, prestige, fame, sweet relationship etc. On top of the above blessings the readers can get the power to become light and heavy at will. Win-win situation will be a familiar feeling for those who chant Hānumān chālīsā regularly. The best way to succeed after making it a point to read Hānumān chālīsā regularly is to “always think well about others and always do well to others. Think Hānumān in your thoughts, words and deeds are rescued from all crisis in their lives, your difficult tasks will turn out to be a simple one. Hence start reading Hānumān chālīsā regularly with purity of thought.

After a cold shower, wear pure just washed and dried fresh clothes and take a deep breath in and say(in mind) a chupaaee or 2(or based on your capacity, be comfortable that’s most important) holding the breath and then breath out. Now again repeat the same for next set of chupaaees. In this way finish the entire Hānumān chālīsā mantra chanting sets of chupaaee holding breath (as long as confortable, don’t suffocate yourself!!). Do like this for as many times as possible before you proceed with normal way of chanting. This is because chanting Hānumān chālīsā along with pranayama is extremely efficacious. Lord Hānumān will enter into your prana in subtle form. In this way complete the chanting for 108 times. Surely, you will get an opportunity to see and talk to Hānumānji Gurudev. After this he will take care of your spiritual progress this you attain moksha… Diet: you can take fruit juices or some extremely light pure sattvik uncooked food (like grains etc), during short brakes while chanting. You are not supposed to take full meals or cooked food. In case you need to go to the toilet while chanting, you must take shower again and again wear fresh washed and dried clothes and then only continue chanting

Detailed and beautiful commentary by swami tejomayananda(chinmaya mission) is available in this link. Try to go through it http://chinmayasaaket.org/articles/…

Wish you Happy New Year 2016 wish Lord Hanumann will shower prosperity to everyone