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Monster Mystery: Scientists solve the decades-long puzzle-like alien creature #Cosmoread: In 1958, amateur fossil collector Francis Tully is very strange that the scientists also found a prehistoric creature called a monster. Some so-called animal “Tully Monster” is a worm and others calling it a shell-less snail classified as confused with researchers ever since. But now, more than 1,200 Tully monster …

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‘Barren’ frog fits on a thumbnail, like a cricket chirps #Cosmoread: A small new frog species – so small that it is at the tip of your thumb and a distinctive call that sounds like a cricket’s chirp can sit comfortably with – western plains of India recently Know was gone, and was told in a new study. The researchers …

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Teddy Bear

Real life ‘Teddy Bear’ is now at risk #Cosmoread: Real-life inspiration for everyone’s favorite plush toy just got a new lease on life. Iconic animal that “teddy bear” Inspired – – more than two decades, the Louisiana black bear is considered a threatened species. But soon adorable fuzzy bear endangered species list, the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced …

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The gadget has got a scratch? To prevent self-propelled particles #Cosmoread: Such as solar panels and flexible electronics devices they are small, self-propelled nanoparticles that detect and repair damage to their “wound,” Thanks is able to heal. Electrical circuits in microscopic scratches can impede the flow of electricity and seriously affect the performance of the devices, but such scrapes to …

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‘Fish-eye’ contact lens auto-focus #Cosmoread: Contact lenses that can be auto-focus on objects both far and near, a new pair of eyes that you do not wear out with age to imagine wearing a pair. That goal – elephant nose fish retina induced by light gathering capabilities – took a step closer to a new study published today. The authors …

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Get Google’s Artificial Intelligence trounces world champion in match 1 #Cosmoread: An artificial intelligence system developed by Google, plans to go five games before the world champion athlete has trounced. The program is called AlphaGo, currently in South Korea in a historic five-day matchup with former world champion Lee Sedol is facing off. Both players are considered the best of …

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During an interview Stumped When you answer a question during an interview do not know, can seem excruciating silence. You may also open the floor and you could be swallowed whole. Not to worry, next time you are strapped for an answer, though, keep these tips in mind. keep quite At this juncture, the most important thing is to stay …

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carbon fiber

Carbon fiber future: it is about more than speed #Cosmoread: Every year, the Auto Show is coming in cities around the world, but only a select few headlines and have that special sparkle to New York. The auto industry, gas prices, the introduction of new technologies, changes in consumer tastes and roller-coaster ride in the past five years has experienced …

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Apple vs. FBI: What is really happening? #Cosmoread: Apple iPhone in the December attack that killed 14 people and San Bernardino, California, 22 injured in one of the shooters was used by the FBI, is embroiled in a fight with. Apple asked a federal judge that the two sides of the FBI for help given to an iPhone 5C, killing …

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Mysterious ‘area 6’ landing strip in the Nevada desert Baffles Experts #Cosmoread: A mysterious remote Nevada desert, mile-long landing strip, a top-secret drone fleet to test the sensors can be home base, security experts speculate. Asphalt landing strip 6 in Yucca Flat test site area is about 12 miles (19 kilometers) of the 51 infamous conspiracy theories that have long …

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