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कवि बॉस से बड़ा न दिखे

कवि बॉस से बड़ा न दिखे हर इंसान को अपनी अशुरख्या का भावना होता है ! जब आप लोगों के सामने अपने अच्छे और शक्ति का गुण का प्रदर्शन करते हैं, तोह उनमे ज्वलन, ईर्षा, और आप क प्रति अशुरख्या की भावनायें जागृत होती है ! यह एक स्वाभाविक है और इसका कोई इलाज़ नहीं है ! दूसरों को अच्छे …

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Pi Day

Irrational Party: Happy Pi Day! #Cosmoread: 3.141592 … wait, what comes next? It does not matter – for the purposes of today’s date, the first three digits of PI are important. Today, 3/14, Pi Day, math nerd ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter holiday celebrating. Disturbances also written as the Greek letter π, an irrational number …

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Computer coding toys for children really work? #Cosmoread: The best human players, flying planes, beating in the stock market transactions to run chess, computers are now used in almost every aspect of modern day life is. But children adequately understand and use this ubiquitous technology is not ready, experts say. That’s why many parents coding apps and toys to help …

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University of Nebraska #Cosmoread: The UNMC (University of Nebraska Medical Center) is a renowned center of health sciences research, patient care, and medical education for public located in Omaha, Nebraska It was originally founded as the Omaha Medical College, a private medical college, in 1880. It soon became a part of the University of Nebraska in 1902. Expanding its education …

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Top best things to do when starting a new job #Cosmoread: You are the new kid on the block, your first priority is to learn what’s going on and have to earn the respect of my colleagues and trust. Here are some things millennium and any new employees are supposed to do when starting a new job: Ask lots of …

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Online requirement

Top Tips for successful online job search #Cosmoread: Before the rise of the Internet, the first place to find out what jobs were available in your local newspaper classified advertisement will search online requirement jobs . Now, of course, any kind of employer you all manner of online requirement  jobs, such as monsters or aggregation sites, Simply Hired and Indeed, …

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Career As A DJ

Career As A DJ #Cosmoread: If you are passionate about music and love entertaining the crowd by playing and mixing  music tracks, deejay could be a career option worth pursuing. Once considered as just a fad in India, it slowly staked its claim as a viable career with multiple options and good money to make. #Cosmoread: For the uninitiated, career …

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Monetizing blog – Monetizing your personal blog


How to generates income from your web blog is an elegant article to monetize yourself by writing unique articles. Sometime peoples thinks that monetizing a personal blog is unethical, to get rid this types of feeling I have collected few information about making money online from your blog and monetizing yourself. Its not an bad idea to be full time blogger.

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Study Nation Canada Freest Country in the world

Study Nation Canada Freest Country in the world According to Stephen Harper’s it comes little late for the Conservatives, but Canada has been renowned in two case of the freest and most tolerant country in the world. This country also one of the most prosperous and best-run, and sequence only for Australia in education. Good thing we have to make …

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Summary – Career Summary Resume Writing Advice Free

Career Summary your resume writing advice free Your opening statement must immediately convince the reader to keep reading. The Career Summary statement gathers the best elements of your resume – your abilities, skills, experience, accomplishments, and personal characteristics – and condenses them into a brief description of the best reasons for hiring you. Your Career Summary is your initial sales …

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