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no pregancy

Brazil says “No Pregnancy News Please!”

Brazil says “No Pregnancy News Please!”


This virus can flow into a newborn microcephaly and result in a neurological disorder that can lead to the incomplete brain development of the unborn child.

Although pregnancy is a very personal decision, the health officials have requested the families to hold their pregnancy plans as of now.

According to a survey conducted by CNN, more than 2,400-suspected cases of microcephaly have been reported this year in 20 Brazilian states, as compared to 147 cases last year. Doctors are also in process of investigating the infant deaths.

Microcephaly lead to newborn with abnormally small heads that can give rise to various serious, developmental issues and sometimes may also lead to early death. As of now, six states in the country have officially declared the state of emergency. In some states, about 900 cases have also been reported.

The health officials have further elaborated that the newborns with this disorder will require special attention for the rest of their lives. Of course, it will not be easy for the parents and the child. The kind of emotional distress caused due to such a disorder in the child of a parent can lead to an emotional damage for both the child and the parents and family.

With the increasing number of cases reported in the last month, doctors have noticed that the cases of microcephaly   coincided with the appearance of the Zika virus in Brazil. It took them less time to discover that most of the affected mothers reported having Zika-like symptoms during early pregnancy, which include mild fever, rash and headaches. Soon in the last week of November, Brazil’s Health Ministry announced the release of an autopsy revealing that Zika virus has been found in a baby born with microcephaly, thus establishing a link between the two. This has been counted as one of the exceptional situation, unparalleled in world scientific research until date.

Since most of the cases have come up in the northeastern Brazil, the government is creating more awareness in these areas.

Zika fever was first found in Uganda in the 1940s and since then it has become one of the endemic in parts of Africa. Having spread to South Pacific and some areas of Asia, and Latin America, this disease has turned out as a major concern for the people.

Brazil overcame the very first incidence of this disease during early this year. Some doctors are of the opinion that the tourists from Asia or the South Pacific must have introduced it during the 2014 World Cup.

Since, Zika is hard to be diagnosed owing to the non-presence of any particular symptoms, the international health organizations have issued alerts in response to the outbreak of Zika. While it could take an elongated span of time before researchers determine if mosquitoes are the real carriers of these diseases, they are now encouraging the families to avoid risks and hold off on those pregnancies.

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