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Mosquito larvae in standing water


Mosquito larvae in standing water
Mosquito larvae in standing water

Reports in Brazil claim the insecticide evidence behind microcephaly

#Cosmoread: A recent report claimed that the Brazilian criminal microcephaly a pesticide in drinking water in the country’s recent alarming increase can be accounted for, but experts say that there is no evidence to support this claim that this there is such a link is biologically possible, and moreover.

The report, compiled by a group of doctors in Argentina (PCST) crop spraying in cities called physicians, appeared online February 9, claiming that Brazilian groups of microcephaly – a congenital condition that causes impaired children Heads born and to face life with faults, and which is widely suspected to be linked to the Zika virus outbreak – a pesticide, which the larvae of mosquitoes that spread Zika virus targets the development of insect larvae, including pyriproxyfen because there are actually called.

PCST suggestion Pyriproxyfen

PCST suggestion pyriproxyfen since prevents the development of mosquito larvae, it can have an effect on the developing fetus uniform. “The development of the embryo from the zygote, embryo, fetus and the newborn fetus, so far mosquito pyriproxyfen is not affected by the development process,” the report said.

But experts do not agree. Ian Musgrave, medicine, University of Adelaide in Australia, a senior lecturer in the Faculty of the School of Medicine, said in a statement that although pyriproxyfen regulate the growth, it can cause birth defects in humans that the substance is “not plausible”.

Pyriproxyfen hatching, larvae, pupa and development cycle of insects by interfering with hormonal control works,” Musgrave said. “This hormone control systems, such as human beings do not exist in organisms with backbones, and pyriproxyfen, as a result of very low toxicity in mammals.”

Scientists also examined the effects of pyriproxyfen on breeding animals for extensive testing is conducted. “In a variety of animal species, pyriproxyfen in a large quantity of defects seen during the recent outbreak is not caused by Zika,” Musgrave said.

Public health researchers still have not proven a link between Zika and microcephaly, but evidence increasingly points to a connection, Zika DNA revealed in several studies with amniotic fluid and accumulate in the tissues of the embryo with the condition are.

Pyriproxen in Brazil during the second half of 2014 by the Ministry of Health drinking water reservoirs in order to deal with a growing mosquito problem, was introduced in. Use of water in poor communities in northeastern Brazil may be intermittent, many people stored water in their homes, creating favorable conditions for the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes. Insecticide mosquitoes, which spread the virus as well as other Zika Aedes group interrupts the development cycle.

In the US, pyriproxyfen a statement the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to win science of drinking water per email is not allowed to be used. However, pyriproxyfen in the EPA 2015 assessment, the agency found that “no risks of concern were identified” pyriproxyfen risk food, water and residential use, by combining the resulting.

According to a representative of the agency, “EPA well pyriproxyfen all registered user of pesticides in the United States have been assessed and determined that the evolution of mammals, including humans is safe, and wildlife, fish, for plants and endangered species. ”

Saturday (Feb. 13), the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul authorities a declaration stating that they PCST in drinking water because of concerns raised by the use of pyriproxyfen was suspended issuing.

However, except for pesticides, can have serious consequences for human health, Andrew Batholomaeus, from the School of Pharmacy at the University of Canberra in Australia, according to a consultant toxicologist.

Batholomaeus said in a statement that the disease is more likely to lead to deaths from the mosquito-borne diseases. “These reports suggest the shrill reprehensible ignorance and poor scholarship, they are motivated by anything other than that,” he said.