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Booze but do not fall sick!

Alcohol booze but do not fall sick


Booze the word use for alcoholic beverages. Sugars are transformed to alcohol (ethanol) and carbon dioxide by these fungi, which also pass on the characteristic flavors and aromas to the beverage. On the basis of the kind of ferment-able material is used, and the method adopted for the processing of the materials, alcoholic beverages may be categorically classified as being wines, beers, or spirits. The countries that undertake the production of beverages regulate the production of most spirits, beer, and wine and carefully control the taxation of these alcoholic beverages.

It is known that alcohol is both a tonic and poison. Although a cocktail, beer or glass of wine can be both soothing and good for the heart, it might also be responsible for cancer development, liver and heart damage and can sometimes cause depression as well. The rate at which alcohol can affect one depends on manner which one weighs the pros and cons of alcohol before consuming it on a regular basis.

According to a study conducted by Harvard, there is a relationship between the moderate drinking and reduced cardiovascular risks. Some types of alcohol are better protectors than others such as red wine, which has a high concentration of polyphenols that can help reduce the blood pressure level.

When moderate drinking moves to heavy drinking, it results in inflammation of the liver, which is otherwise known as alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver. It also increases the blood pressure level and may damage the heart muscle as well. Alcohol plays a potential role in the development of several cancers like breast, liver and mouth.

Heavy drinking can also cause as well as increase the chances of osteoporosis, particularly in the women in practice of consuming Alcohol regularly.

When it comes to drinking, no law of applicable. This otherwise means that although one drink a day might benefit your health in the long run, the same is not applicable if all the weekdays drinks are saved to be consumed on one weekend night. Therefore, consuming six to seven drinks on one single weekend night may be as harmful as regular drinking. This habit is known as binge drinking, and it is the most risky pattern of consumption. Drinking five drinks in 2 hours can have the same effect as the heavy drinking. In this case, the rate of blood pressure increase leading to high blood pressure that may also lead to heart stroke.

A number of licensing laws and regulations have been taken up with the aim of protecting the public welfare and public interest, which is only possible by regulating the alcoholic beverage industry.

The process of licensing, creating awareness and the enforcement of alcohol laws and regulations, as well as opposing the youth access to alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are some some of steps taken with the similar mission. Such is the scrutiny that the Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement agencies now conduct investigations directed at those persons, businesses and organizations who apply for licenses under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act.