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Gastric pain

Best tips for gastric problem

Every third person in this world suffer from gastric problem or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) also called acid reflux or heartburn. Update on reflexes to adopt and which ones to avoid to minimize pain. Bad habits: smoking, alcohol, coffee, soft drinks. It is sometimes known, but many everyday habits can aggravate GERD such as tobacco, for example, as well as alcohol. Coffee and soft drinks are also recommended. The caffeine in coffee but also in drinks cola drives effetun sphincter relaxation, favoring acid reflux. In addition, the bubbles in carbonated beverages add gas in the stomach, gas will escape in back (because the gas is lighter than water) and thus incur additional gastric tub.

bad habits

You might have felt heartburn are more important after a heavy meal. The reason is simple: heavy meals rich in fats are harder to digest. Food stays longer in the stomach, because the gastric juices have more work to do than in “normal” and lighter meals. Slow digestion also means that the stomach empties slowly. So, heartburn is more common and especially longer. It is therefore advisable to take light meals and in case of very heavy coming (birthday, wedding) meal, do not hesitate to ask for advice to your doctor or pharmacist to avoid being too unwell.

The digestive system is often considered by doctors as the “second brain of the body” as it is sensitive to our emotions. Who has not had a stomach ache the day before a math test or nausea before speaking in public? Yes, stress has a dramatic effect on our digestive system and even greater for those who suffer from GERD. The first tip is to avoid stressful situations. Of course, but it’s easier said than done. It is important to learn to identify what makes us stress and thus prevent the occurrence of reflux stress. Before a job interview or an important meeting, take three to five minutes to isolate. Meanwhile, try to breathe more slowly and regularly as possible. The gastric acid secretion due to stress will be limited and reflux too.

It is important to take time to eat, especially when you are about to heartburn. Eating fast means stressing his stomach and, as we have seen, stress is harmful. In addition, eating fast often means less chewing good food digestion and thus will be more difficult and therefore longer. Another important point, do not skip meals, whatever. The empty stomach continues to secrete gastric juices pending a future digestion. These are the juices which then result in heartburn despite the lack of food.

gastric due to stress

Some foods are strongly discouraged for people who suffer from heartburn. Unfortunately, chocolate is one of those foods that can trigger or aggravate GERD. Some people tolerate it when accompanied by bread or fruit. Milk can also cause heartburn, but it varies from one person to another. As fatty foods which are more difficult to digest and thus spend more time in the stomach with a gastric juice secretion greater. Oranges, lemons and grapefruits are naturally acidic foods that increase gastric acidity and there are also discouraged. Spices, herbs and onion are also responsible for GERD in many people. They are so in moderation. Contrary to popular belief, the mint does not always help to digest: it certainly increases the motility of the stomach, but can also aggravate disorders and acid reflux.
i certain foods are not recommended, others have shown that they reduce symptoms and heartburn. Among them are: the oats and beans are rich in fiber and help digestion and transit flakes. Pasta can also help to reduce the acidity of the stomach and are therefore not discouraged, on the contrary (without tomato sauce!). Ginger has anti-inflammatory that can soothe pain and acid reflux either in the form of tea, used in cooking or simply chewed. Fruits and vegetables are recommended bananas, apples (including as compotes), cabbage, broccoli, peas, carrots and potatoes. They aid digestion and reduce heartburn. Dairy products are not proscribed, Meem if the milk triggers in many people heartburn. Low-fat cheeses or goat’s milk or sheep are easier to digest. For drinks, no hesitation, it is plain water most effective against GERD because it does not increase the acidity and allows in contrast to dilute. With regard to meat, it must focus on lean meats, but also fat-free cooking.

Many people complain of acid reflux during sleep. The first tip is to avoid lying down within 2 hours after dinner and keep themselves right in the couch bust because lying down aggravates heartburn. The pain can last for several hours depending on what we ate. Thus, the emptying of the stomach to a meal without fat can be done in 2-3 hours while for a meal with, for example, fish oil, it will take more than 6 hours! The first two hours are the most intense in the stomach and it is this period that acid reflux can occur. When you fold it is also essential not to sleep “flat”. This position again promote GERD and therefore nocturnal discomfort. Ask one or two pillows under your head to fall asleep, even to derive during the night. This elevation is very effective for those who have difficulty falling asleep due to GERD.

sleeping position during gastric

 Being overweight is a common cause of GERD. The solution is obvious as you imagine: you must lose weight. Weight loss, but also the low calorie and low fat diet so quickly bring a decrease in symptoms and therefore pain relief. However, the diet must be followed by a doctor who can monitor changes in weight loss and the frequency of heartburn. For the plan to be effective it must follow rules to avoid nutritional deficiencies related to a diet that is too strict. Face your GERD, your doctor or nutritionist may advise you to lose weight, do not hesitate to tell him.

Digestion is a phenomenon that we have seen, can respond to stress but also to environmental conditions. If the stomach is compressed by tight clothing at the bust, it can not function normally, the digestion is slow and causes heartburn. Similarly, high-waisted pants are not permitted in difficult digestion. It is not for nothing that must sometimes “release button” after the meal: the belly fills up, so it must be the place. Finally, if heartburn become regular despite your eating habits, it is important to talk with your doctor. The management of this disease that has a significant influence both social and professional may require therapeutic treatment.

consulting a gastro

There are treatments available without a prescription that your doctor may advise you. But it is occasionally take drugs that do not act the problem. Most often they are salts which locally neutralize the stomach acid, or solutions of alginates lining the wall of the esophagus of the digestion time. These drugs are effective in the short-term symptoms, but there are cons-indications (eg kidney disease) and secondary effects. When heartburn is a daily or back more than three times per week, it is essential to consult. Effective treatments exist and allow patients to regain a comfortable life quickly and on time.