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Basanti The Real Hero

#Cosmoread: India is a country of villages and this is very true as still approximately 70% of the population resides in villages or rural belt. They live there, earn there and stay there. That’s life for them. Simple and straight. Society i.e. people around them or the villagers make


rules or follow the regulations laid over decades back. People following them without any questions are termed as good. Those who wish or tend to go against are either punished or boycotted. But among them are some who cross the border laid by the society and shine high up like the roaring Sun and our HERO is just one of them.

Basanti Kumari hailing from Sindri in the district Dhanbad of the state Jharkhand is our Hero. The first girl child of the couple Madhav Singh and Prabhavati Devi was born with physical disproportion and they lovingly named her Basanti.

The whole body was perfectly fit and sound. But guess something went absurd in the formation of hands or upper limbs used as hands. There were two long stumps instead of hand. The right stump has a palm with fingers but the elbow is missing. The left one is just straight short part.

She is the eldest of the batch of five children to her parents. People suggested her parents to leave her to the special organisations or government units who take care of such physically challenged. They hammered her parents with the thought that being a girl with deformity was a big curse and they should get rid of her. But her parents loved her and were adamant on bringing her up like a normal child.

They thought her challenges were given to her by birth with no mistake of her; therefore almighty would help her out.

Making of the hero

Basanti started a living a normal life with her family. She was very attracted to studies and always wanted to go to school. Her parents thought without hands how could she read and write which could also bring embarrassment to their child. Therefore her parents were reluctant about her schooling. But Basanti’s eagerness to learn and get education pursued them for her school admission. Rajendra Madhya Vidyalaya was Basanti’s school.

Her dream came true. There she was in a school unlike all the kids of her age. She did everything quiet well and was a quick learner. But the real challenge was yet to arrive. Writing lessons in notebooks. Yes who would fill her books across seven different subjects? Coping class work was a big task for little Basanti as everyone was busy doing theirs.

This witty girl found a solution to it. She started using her foot to do that. She filled in her legs in the place of her hands. It was extremely difficult to hold the pencil in the toes and then write. But after a vigorous practice and dedication, within one month she mastered the act. Now Basanti could write in the notebooks very well.

She started doing this comfortably and expertise in it with the passing day. She completed her SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination in the year 1993 and cleared it with flying colours. Further she took up higher education from Sindri College. Basanti graduated in Sociology Honours and got her degree of Bachelor in Arts (BA) in the year 1999. Though she scored second class but is extremely proud of her achievement as she did this through self-study and not coaching or tuition classes.

Today she works as a para-teacher in her home town with Rorabandh Karmik Middle School. She educates children with subjects like social science, mathematics, Sanskrit and English. With a minimum income of rupees 2500 she takes care for her family.

The closure of FCI has ruined her family as her younger brother Mr. Niranjan Singh lost his job. Her father Madhav Singh is paralytic patient and retired a decade ago.

They are a team of four sisters and one brother. Two sisters are married and settled but the younger sister is her responsibility claims Basanti. She wants to get her married and take good care of her parents.

Basanti is only worried about stability of her profession. It was rumoured that the government of the country would abolish this placement of para-teachers. She is trying hard to get another permanent job and live fearless life.

This clearly reflects her heroism to live life with full zeal the way it comes. No complaint, no regression, just play your role as the superior creation of God i.e. just try to be a Human Being.

We know a very few people who are differently able and yet are achievers in their life. They are inspiration and role model to all out there who crib and cry for the tiniest thing in life.

Be it Helen Keller who studied in spite of being vision less (blind) or artist Sudha Chandran who is an ace performer being a below knee amputee or para-athele Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla who has been paralysed since an infant made it to international sports. These all wonderfully able personalities make us take that extra step and put little more effort.