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Subhasnigdha Maharana

Business meeting

Business meeting etiquette #Cosmoread: Follow proper etiquette for a business meeting meeting establishes respect among participants, helps begin meeting and end on time, and promote an atmosphere of cooperation. Poor planning and lack of manners of the two main reasons why many business meetings have failed. Follow these business meetings are effective. Arrival: business meeting place at least 15 minutes …

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During an interview Stumped When you answer a question during an interview do not know, can seem excruciating silence. You may also open the floor and you could be swallowed whole. Not to worry, next time you are strapped for an answer, though, keep these tips in mind. keep quite At this juncture, the most important thing is to stay …

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Keep shining face in Summer Season #Cosmoread: Healthy, younger-looking skin, what’s the secret? Dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon and skin experts say there is no magic bullet or secret mask. However, no matter how old you sare, there simple ways to keep your skin in its best condition, there are plenty. Goodbye Sun: Know your skin: the natural tendency of each person’s …

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Bossy attitude hampers employee performance #Cosmoread: If you feel your team to perform their best, rather than howling or blaming them, check if they work well with your boss or Hitler are to be avoided like the attitude. According to researchers from University College London and his colleagues, when someone gives us an order, we are in fact responsible for …

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Iran imposes new $ 600,000 on Rushdie fatwa

Iran imposes new $ 600,000 on Rushdie fatwa #Cosmoread: Hardline Iranian news media outlets, a reward for killing Salman Rushdie to $ 600,000 to add up, it emerged Wednesday, 27 years after the death fatwa on Indian-born author of the controversial novel, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini was released from the East. Nearly 40 organizations, including government media outlets, a …

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Pasha, the ISI’s role in 26/11

Pasha, the ISI’s role in 26/11 ‘admitted’ #Cosmoread: Soon after the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, Pakistan’s powerful spy agency ISI chief admitted that some retired members were engaged in the training of those involved in the heinous crime, but refused to take action, a former CIA chief said in a new book. In his latest book “The Edge of Sports’, …

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Fuses space science and fun of Disney ‘Tomorrowland miles’ #Cosmoread: “Tomorrowland miles” in one episode – a galactic trip, family, whose first season finale will air in March and the characters from the TV show about a new Disney baby out the window of the spacecraft and the planet Pluto sees it says. “No, it is a dwarf planet,” says …

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‘CHEAPEST SMARTPHONE’ LAUNCHED BY BJP’S MURLI MANOHAR JOSHI #Cosmoread: All’s not well with Rs. 251 phone Billed as the country’s cheapest smartphone, the Freedom 251 handset that is being sold by Noida-based Ringing Bells has raised several questions even before its high-profile launch. BJP MP Murali Manohar Joshi launched the smartphone at a function held here Wednesday evening under the …

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Tips For Business Travel #Cosmoread: Presentations and meeting planning to follow airline guidelines and packing, a project of your own may seem like getting ready for a business trip in between. Keep your workload to a minimum, the trip will help you pack and enjoy your trip to the fullest by using the following tips to maximize the time you …

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Summer Skin Care #Cosmoread: Summer skin because it takes a toll. Now that summer is coming in slow steps, this time you have spared a thought for your skin. During the summer crisis suntan skin, sunburn, dehydration, spots, acne and pigmentation are included. But you do not need to fret. Also, since a strict beauty regime, face wash, scrub, toner, …

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