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Home » News » More than 150 killed in a terrorist slaughter attack in paris today
isis attack in paris

More than 150 killed in a terrorist slaughter attack in paris today

More than 150 killed in a terrorist slaughter in Paris

isis attack in paris
isis attack in paris

Several attackers with explosives and assault rifles have staged shootouts in five districts 10 and 11 in the capital , besides causing several explosions near the State de France. The most serious attack in paris today attack by ISIS occurred in the known Bataclan concert hall, located at number 50 Boulevard Voltaire, which has killed more than 80 people, police said. The public prosecutor, François Molins, has indicated that eight terrorists were killed in the attacks, seven of them to detonate explosives strapped to their bodies. At midnight, President Francois Holland has declared a state of emergency throughout France and announced the closure of borders A little after, the foreign minister reported that planes and trains continue operand- and mobilization of more military forces in the country, around 1,500 additional soldiers. A few hours later, Holland said that the “combat [terrorists] will mercilessly”.

ISIS terrorist killed 150 in Paris

The public prosecutor has indicated that two people have died in the Stade de France; 18, boulevard de Charonne; one on the boulevard Voltaire; five on the rue Fontaine-au-roi, and 14 in the rue Alibert. Unless the State of France, the other places are in districts 10 and 11. We do not definitively know the number of victims of the Bataclan hall. French police sources put at around 200 wounded, 80 of them seriously. Regarding the ISIS terrorists, three of them detonated his explosives vest in the grounds, where a concert was held, and one died in police intervention; three suicide bombers by ISIS killed around the Stade de France and one on the Boulevard Voltaire. French security forces seeking two other individuals suspected of involvement in the attacks.

ISIS is taking responsibility

In the vicinity of Bataclan there were at least two shootings, one in the street Charonne. The ISIS attackers took dozens of hostages inside the concert hall, which has a capacity of 1,500 people. Two hours after the attack, isolated shots inside and outside were heard. A witness said that, while shooting, the ISIS attackers shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest). Cazenives Benjamin, who was inside, said a friend, who in turn forwarded the story “. I’m alive I have only a few cuts carnage Corpses by all parties…” It is the message put on social networks.
Shortly before one am (Spanish time), French special forces entered the concert hall and reported within minutes of the end of the operation. The four robbers were killed Bataclan. After the operation, the TV channels have shown how members of the fire brigade put out corpses inside.

The next two places of shootings streets were closed to traffic. The Republic Square was one of the encircled by police. The area also fire crews arrived. The head of one of the fire units told his subordinates: “Paris is at war.” The affected areas are near the headquarters of the magazine Charlie Hebdo, where in January twelve people were killed by two jihadists by ISIS.

“There was blood on all sides at attack in paris today. They have fired on the crowd. They had machine guns and they fired in all directions” have told people who managed to flee the room in the crossfire and whose testimonies have been disseminated through social networks.

One of the attacks occurred near the restaurant Petit Cambodia. One customer told that the shooting lasted for more than half a minute. By 2330, people who were close to the large shopping center at Les Halles, near the City of Paris, said they had heard gunshots inside the premises.

Also around ten p.m. three explosions were reported near the State de France, which played friendly football selections from France and Germany. At least two people died. Police speculate with the hypothesis of a suicide attack by ISIS. At least one of the blasts was caused by a gas cylinder that had attached metal parts, according to a person who saw the device before it exploded. The blasts occurred during the half time.

Holland, who was in the stadium, was evacuated by helicopter. He immediately went to the Interior Ministry, where a crisis unit was established in the basement. The Government has launched the Red Alfa plan, designed for cases of multiple attacks.

In a televised speech, the President said this morning the “state of emergency” in the country. Holland, who was the first authority to review the events of “terrorist attacks”, said that awareness will lead to numerous arrests throughout the country and “closing borders” to prevent new terrorists from entering or those who may be fleeing inside, although the government later clarified that what will be done is to tighten border controls. Restrictions on movement also apply. “It’s a horror. We have mobilized all forces. We know where they come from and who they are.”

Holland convened an extraordinary Council for the night of Friday it has approved these specific measures the state of emergency Ministers. The president also announced the mobilization of military forces based in Paris and surroundings. He added that France faces a “test drive and cold-blooded.”
The attacks have coincided with the first day of the special police alert issued by the Climate Summit to be held in Paris from 30 November to 11 December. Since Friday, and for one month, France has suspended the Schengen agreement on free movement of citizens and restored border controls.

The Government and security forces waited a terrorist attack in France, the Western country most threatened by jihadists. Since the attacks last January when 17 people died in the capital, police have broken up more than half a dozen attacks. Since the beginning of the year, more than 7,000 soldiers patrolling the streets and guarding public schools.

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