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Asthma Inhaler

Serious complications can result if an asthma sufferer does not recognize and treat their symptoms when they happen. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease which is characterized by coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and bronchospasm. It is caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors, usually when a person is having an allergic reaction to an allergen. There are different types of asthma medications and treatments available.

Salbutamal metered dose inhaler.
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It’s necessary to use asthma medicine so you can manage any symptoms you have. If you are asthmatic and prone to having attacks, you should keep your medication with you at all times. If you suffer from asthma attacks it’s important to communicate with your doctor because finding the right medication can mean you living a more fulfilled life. The aim and focus of asthma treatments are controlling the inflammation of the airways and preventing the chronic symptoms that are associated with asthma such as shortness of breath and coughing, as well as easing the asthma attacks when they happen.

Generally, there are two kinds of asthma medications. There are two types of medications available when dealing with asthma. There are, what is known as, quick-relief medications. These only treat acute symptoms. There are, also, medications that are used in the long-term to prevent your asthma attacks from getting worse.

The prescription Salbutamol is generally regarded as the first step in asthma treatment. Anticholinergic medications along with Salbutamol are used for moderate to severe asthma symptoms. This medication is given those who are allergic to Salbutamol and other similar medicines. Doctors have stated that over-stimulation of the heart is caused by Adrenaline antagonists, like epinephrine, so they recommend the use of Salbutamol instead.

Glucocorticoids and Corticosteroids are the most efficacious remedies for Asthma. These medications are usually inhaled with the use of metered-dose inhalers. They work by reducing the swelling and tightening of the airways. Glucocorticoids can be substituted by mast cell stabilizers. Glucocorticoids are traditionally used for treatment, however, leukotriene modifiers are a valid alternative. Due to the asthmatic symptoms, this medicine stops the action of leukotrienes. Symptoms can be relieved for up to 24 hours.

The bulk of the asthma medicine is provided via dose-controlled inhalers, which typically comes with an asthma spacer. Some medications can also be administered as a powder inhaler.

If the asthma patient is unresponsive to medications, there are other options you can use for emergency cases. For example, oxygen is used to ease hypoxia; while intravenous salbutamol is only used in extreme cases. Magnesium sulfate administered intravenously has a bronchodilating effect for severe asthma attacks. Another use of Heliox gas, which is a mixture of helium and oxygen is asthma attacks of unresponsive nature.

Consult your doctor first before trying any asthma medication. Your doctor will be the one that knows what medication will work best for treating your asthma problems, and how often it should be used. In order to figure out if you should alter your medication or up the dosage, regular appointments with your doctor are recommended.

Find out about asthma medications right now, and imagine how you could control it with this info on inhalers for asthma.

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